Business advertising

The types of commercial advertisements that you do in your business and company are Business advertising and it is very important that these advertisements are done in a principled and professional manner. Choosing the type of advertisement is also very important, because if you do not choose correctly, you have wasted your money and capital!

Another important factor in choosing the type of advertising is the duration of its impact, that is, the time that takes for the cost you paid for advertising to return and also for your business to become profitable. But the time to reach the profitability point is different in different industries and jobs.

In small businesses that are started with very little capital, the time to reach profitability should be shorter. Because a person does not have much money to spend on advertising, and to develop his business, he needs to attract customers and receive income through using sales techniques.

The types of Business advertising

Advertisements that we can use in different work fields can be done in several ways.

1-Audio advertising

Advertising that is done through sound to introduce your product or service is called audio advertising. With beginning of the 20th century and the advent of sound transmission, a new window was opened in people’s lives, and after some time sound was recognized as a key tool for advertising. Although we are witnessing the emergence of new advertising methods and platforms, audio advertising still maintains its position.

2-Visual advertising

Using visual ways for advertising is an effective way to convey and understand information.

Visual advertisements such as:

Television, advertisement teasers, internet advertisements, newspapers and magazines, moving advertisements and consumer goods, you can introduce your business through television, virtual spaces, networks such as YouTube, etc.

3-Content advertising

One of the most important and effective methods in the field of Business advertising is giving information about the content of your goods and services in different places, which will be very effective.

Content advertising does not mean writing advertising text. Content advertising is one of the strategies of Business marketing and sales management in order to produce content.

Content is published in two ways:

-Content on sites and its search through search engines

-Content published through paid channels.

Content that is published according to the general principles of search engine optimization; they can use the opportunity to search keywords. And the content can be shared on other social networks and visually usable for the public.

In the content that is published through paid channels, we can address topics that are not normally and actively searched by people and cannot be shared, and in the end it can be very effective. This type of content has given brands an opportunity to provide content without considering the rules of search engines. You need to use Business advertising to bring your money-making ideas to fruition in the business industry.

4-printed advertisement

Print ads fall into two categories:

– printed Advertisements in the press

– printed Advertisements printed in non-press

Printed advertisements in the press are advertisements that are printed in newspapers, magazines, periodicals. Advertisements printed in non-press are called advertisements that include brochures, catalogs, posters, postcards, sets of papers, etc. One of the advantages of printing an ad in the press is that the audience reads the ad calmly and is considered the exclusive audience of that ad and only imagines itself as the audience of that ad, which increases the impact. But newspapers are read once and thrown away at the end of the day.

The audience can read the publication several times and see your ad and it will take place in his mind when he/she sees it several times; He/she gets familiar with that ad and the visitor of your ad may become a customer. Many print publications that have been produced consistently and with high quality have been able to gain significant credibility with the audience. A business can use the credibility of these publications to achieve its goal by printing advertisements in them.

Types of Business advertising according to the type of cost

– Individual: The cost of this type of Business advertising is paid by a specific person, such as a parliament candidate.

-Group: It is done with the cooperation of advertisers and through a cooperative.

-Government: Advertising costs are paid by the government.

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