Business marketing

As the economic environment becomes more competitive, what makes it last and develop is marketing attitude. The strength and reputation of a business is a function of the strength of marketing activities. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. Business should be guided by marketing think. Marketing is considered an interesting and exciting process in the world of supply and services between buyers and sellers. The key word in the definition of marketing is “processing”.

Marketing includes research, promotion, sales and distribution of goods or services. Business marketing is a broad topic that many books have been written about and taught in universities, but basically marketing includes everything you do to manage your customers and your goods or services at the same time.

What does business marketing mean?

A company can sell its goods and services to another company using business marketing. In this article, we find out how business marketing works. Universities and schools that study this method are very helpful.

The company that is the buyer of these goods may use these purchased goods to produce a product or re-use them. In consumer marketing, advertising is done widely and the company providing goods or services has many interactions with its customers through its many retailers. But business marketing relies on direct and specific business relationships.

8 steps for business marketing:

1- Conduct marketing research.

Marketing research is a key part of developing a marketing strategy, which involves gathering information that gives customers the insight to buy your product. In addition, marketing research helps you predict your sale.

2- Determine the target markets.

Trying to offer goods or services to people is a costly and time-consuming task. Categorizing or dividing your potential customers based on their specific characteristics will help you to focus on their goals.

Basically, in business marketing division and classification based on factors such as:

-Geographical location

-Demographics – age – gender – education – income – occupation

-Customer behavior – Commitment – Readiness to buy

-Lifestyle – social class – personality – individual values

3-Determine your Unique and SPecial offer for business


USP is the unique and special reason that draws your customers only to buy from you and not your competitors, that is, the thing that differentiates you from others, it is very important that you can clearly say what your special style is, in fact, doing so Your skills reflect your specific knowledge or skills.

It is possible that your USP includes a new and special way to supply goods and services. You can expand your USP by answering the following questions:

-What do you like most about your products and services?

-What are your special skills or knowledge?

-What makes customers choose you over everyone else?

-When talking about your business to strangers, what part of your business do you emphasize the most?

4- Develop your business brand.

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a brand. When we say brand, we mean more than just a colorful logo. And what you want to offer.

5- Choose the ways and options related to your


Define your market audience. Tools for attracting audiences include websites, social media, blogs, brochures and advertisements, internet, product advertisements.

6-Determine your goals and budget.

Determining market objectives helps you understand what your goals are for your business activities. You should choose your goals wisely: they should be clear, accessible, relevant, appropriate and time-based. You should specify your budget.

Use the following elements to determine the budget:

-Website development

-Search engine optimization strategy

– designing Brand

-Printing advertising tools (business cards, brochures…)

– Business advertising

-Finding a sponsor

-Hiring for business activities

7-Know and appreciate your committed and loyal customers.

-in business marketing be in touch with your customers from time to time through media, blogs or electronic news

-Provide after-sales service

-keeping the promise

-Go beyond your promises and completely meet the expectations of customers

-Use your customers’ expectations and opinions to improve your product and service offerings

-Train your staff to serve customers honestly

8- Control and update your plans.

In business marketing Check and control your business activities from time to time to see if you are close to your desired goals or not, if your income increases or not.

At the beginning of your work, you should check and analyze your plan every three months after a while, you can check your schedule whenever you have a new product or service.

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