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Albaloo has become a leader in ecommerce in Malaysia and goal is to help you as Business owners to grow and increase your sales, but more importantly to provide the consumer with the best possible products with the best deals. Right now we are doing just that, and if you are a business owner you need to get in touch with our team pronto!

So how do we get you more sales? First things first we provide a variety of advertising packages to suit your budget. The packages are Basic, Standard, Premium, Ultimate increasing in the number of features and exposure on our website which brings in millions of views a month. Just imagine even a fraction of those people seeing you product and thinking “hey, I think I’ll get that.” For more info head over to Albaloo Pricing Plans.

Get an Albaloo Popular Ad which will be an ad placed on the popular section of the Albaloo webpage and app. This section of our site garners a lot of traffic on both the web page and the app. If you are looking for even more exposure, you can get an Albaloo Sponsored Merchant which will display your brand logo on collection listing pages.

Albaloo Advertising Platform

Be a part of our Popular shops page and get your brand log featured alongside other world reknowned brands like TGIFridays, Birkenstocks and many more. For that specialized promotion, you can be a part of our Albaloo newsletter which goes out directly to all of our Albaloo members and you land right in their Inbox ready for them to view your product when they open up their email.

Now that you know the multiple advertising channels that are available to you, the rest is in your hands. In order to grow your popularity and increase your sales it all has to do with providing quality products for your market and making sure that your marketing campaigns are creative, unique and most importantly true to you and your brands values.

What Albaloo can provide for you is exposure to upwards of 5 million views across all our channels and social media and that is something that would take years to cultivate on your own. So why don’t you give us a try and see how your numbers increase – the prices are affordable and if your product is a hit you just might need to expand your offices after a few months.

Get in touch with us:

T: +603 8994 2864
WA: +6017 270 2500
Sk: join.Albaloo

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