The Year of the Rat is here.

The Chinese New Year may not be having the start we all hoped for but the Chinese Zodiac is a huge part of Asian culture. This year being the Year of the Rat there is significance for literally a billion people. However do we know what the significance of this huge festival is in our part of the world?

Interestingly, in China, the holiday is referred to as the Spring Festival following the Republic of China officially adopting the Gregorian calendar in 1912.

Each year the festival begins the largest annual migration of people around the world. Hundreds of millions of people travel the globe to be with families and celebrate the festival meant to emphasize themes of reunion, hope and new beginning.

In 2020 we celebrate the year of the Rat and to many this may seem strange to designate and celebrate such a holiday marked by a rat of all creatures. However, the year of the Rat and in this case the Metal Rat bears more significance than just the name.

As hoped, the Year of the Metal Rat brings with it a year of new beginnings, new opportunities for finding relationships and building wealth.  The Rat is the first sign from the 12 animals cycle of the Chinese Astrology, and for this reason, 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals.

happy CNY

So what is the Metal Rat?

According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Then, just as they arrived at the finish line, Rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox, becoming first.

year of the rat

The Metal Rat

People born in the year of the Metal Rat tend to be reliable and have stable living situation. They may even hold positions of power in society. They also have the lack of being able to turn unlucky situations in to fortune.

From what we can see so far this year has brought with it an enormous challenge especially for the people of China. We can only hope that the luck and fortune of the Zodiac are with those in the affected areas and that they are safe.

Here is hoping that the rest of the Spring Festival will bring with it renewal and healing so that we can move forward in the Year of the Rat.

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