What Is My Spirit Animal by Birthday

So the Lunar New Year is just around the corner and this got us thinking about yep you guessed it, Spirit Animals. Now to many this could be a bunch of fantasy, but when you look at the comparisons, there could be a little truth to it considering how many times these designations are in sync with our own behavioral characteristics.
Now if you go down the list, you aren’t going to find the most majestic and awe inspiring creatures for each time period, but take note of the characteristics or features in the third column and it may just get you thinking.

January 20 and February 18 The Otter You are independent and have a different vision of reality

February 19 and March 20 The Wolf
You tend to be passionate and emotional people

March 21 and April 19 The Hawk You are usually able to make decisions and be a leader with a lot of instinct that takes advantage of the opportunities life offers

April 20 and May 20 The Beaver
You love to rule, although you are flexible and adaptable

May 21 and June 20 The Deer
You have characteristics of creativity, joy and inspiration

June 21 and July 21 The Woodpecker
You are good parents, friends and business partners

July 22 and August 21 The Salmon
You have a creative and enthusiastic nature, as well as being intelligent and generous

August 22 and September 21 The Bear
You are caring, generous and unconditional.

September 22 and October 22 The Cow
Your main characteristic is to be enterprising, charismatic, and have a lot of positive energy

October 23 and November 22 The Snake
You are often mysterious, affectionate, sensitive people

November 23 and December 21 The Owl
A power animal although you are affectionate, friendly and adventurous

December 22 and January 19 The Goose
You are persistent, ambitious and tenacious. You also love challenges of all kinds but can become obsessed in the worst case

Now some of you may be happy about what you just read and some of you may not be, but who are we to judge. I’m sure some of you even found what you think are your characteristics under another period but don’t be disheartened, there is surely a spirit animal out there for you and that’s what matters.
To be realistic, we can’t encompass 8 billion people’s characteristics in to a short table of
features and expect to be right on the money with everyone.
Plus, we can’t all be Hawks now can we…

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