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If you want to become an online seller in social networks and perform its job duties efficiently, you should pay attention to the fact that management work in cyberspace is 24/7. That means you need to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most important factor that helps how to become a professional Online seller of social networks and be able to be hired in this job opportunity is know the job duties of the Online seller so that you can develop your skills based on Raise these requirements.

Who is the online seller?

When a page or site is at the beginning of its journey, an online seller can do all the work related to the page alone; Because at the beginning of the page or site orders are very limited and there are few directs and comments, but if content production is done professionally and excellent and attractive content is placed on the page or site, customer will increase very soon and sales of products and services will increase.

This is where the name of online seller comes into play, and it is necessary for business managers to hire expert people to do side work. One of these tasks, which sometimes becomes really complicated and difficult, is the responsibility of registering orders and selling the page site.

The online seller is the person who receives the order of customers who intend to buy the products or services. When the customer makes his payment, the online seller enters the payment information such as the deposit slip in the relevant form and provides it to the product dispatchers. He/she can also answer customers’ questions about when and how to send products. Some businesses ask the online seller to respond to other comments and direct messages, in these cases, the online seller is often paid more. Of course, if the sales of these pages increase, it is necessary to hire another person as a comment and direct admin.

Duties of an online seller

In the following, you will get acquainted with the main and basic duties of the online seller:

1. Accurate recording of financial transactions

An online seller must first prepare an Excel file and record the information related to the products sold, the amount received and transaction information such as the transaction reference number and payment receipt. Of course, some businesses have a website or order registration system and there is no need for an Excel file; because the admin can enter the information in the website or the order registration system.

2-Providing card number or account number to customers

A customer may enter business page, see the product and its price and decide to make his own purchase. He/she comes to Direct to buy and requests the online seller to give him/her the card or account number so that he/she can make the purchase. The admin gives him/her the information and takes the transaction confirmation form and records his/her information.

3-Registration of customer information

The online seller should get the contact number and address of the customers. Doing so is necessary for sending postal packages, and in this way, the admin can calculate the postal cost of the package. At this stage, getting the contact number and email address of the admin can be useful for Business marketing, SMS marketing and email marketing of the collection.

4- Providing support to buyers

The purchased product may arrive late to the customer or the delivery unit may deliver the package late to the post office. In these cases, the customer usually sends a direct message and follows up on his purchase. This is where the online seller should make the necessary follow-ups so that the package goes to the post office very quickly and also send the postal tracking code to the customer so that the buyer can make the necessary follow-ups for the time of receiving the package.

Another support that the order administrator should provide to customers is checking product problems. It is possible that the product received by the customer is damaged. In these cases, the administrator must investigate the problems, make the necessary arrangements with the manager and act according to the business rules. For example, it can give the customer an address and zip code so that the customer can return the package.

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