Kris Jenner’s Tips on Fashion

Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about business and fashion. After all, she’s the mom to six celebrities, with the most famous being Kim Kardashian. As the “momager” of the whole Kardashian crew, she’s running a multimillion-dollar business empire that includes the likes of TV contracts, paid appearances, endorsements and so much more. As

4 Tips for Buying the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you've probably already seen all sorts of promotions and decorations for the upcoming holiday. While some people refuse to celebrate what’s become a commercial holiday, there are those romantic saps who don’t mind spoiling their loved ones with chocolates, flowers or special cards. Valentine’s Day shopping can sometimes be

Make this year an extra special one

New Year shopping tips  Christmas is always associated with shopping and novelty. Everyone is getting their year-end bonuses and start their shopping spree around this season and trading their old apparels for a new one in anticipation of the New Year 2015 many days later. Some would take the offer opportunity of this season to


Selling items on Facebook and Instagram illegal, says Deputy Minister

Responding to a Q & A session at the Dewan Negara on 17.12.14, the deputy minister of Domestic trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism told that all trading activities via Facebook and Instagram are deemed illegal. The statement by the deputy minister has dropped a bombshell in the social network scene in the country. The bombshell hit

Store strategy for holiday shopping

Hey, this is the holiday season. The school holiday is happening now. Christmas is coming. New Year is just around the corner. Well it sound like an annual tautology, repeating the phrase in cycle every year. Anyway, the seasons just run in cycle every year. It may sound mundane for most of Malaysian, getting their

Top Tips For Starting A Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay Chief Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chief that’s also made it big as a reality TV star. Both his British and American food and competitive cookery shows debut to astonishing numbers, but it’s his restaurants that have helped solidify his status as one of the best chefs in the world. The Scottish-born 48-year-old chef

How To Add Special Offers To Any Restaurant Menu

With so many restaurants to compete with, it’s important to make yours stand out from the rest. But who do you do that? Simple, just add some promotional items or special offers to your menu and publicize it! Many businesses utilize promotions to increase sales, get more clients and to spread the word about their