Kris Jenner’s Tips on Fashion

Kris Jenner-wearing Badgley Mischka walks the runway at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection during Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 6, 2013 in New York City

Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about business and fashion. After all, she’s the mom to six celebrities, with the most famous being Kim Kardashian. As the “momager” of the whole Kardashian crew, she’s running a multimillion-dollar business empire that includes the likes of TV contracts, paid appearances, endorsements and so much more. As the mom to style icons daughters; Kim, Kourtney, Khole, Kendall and Kylie – Kris Jenner knows what it takes to look good in Hollywood.

  • Clothes:

“It’s important for me to be comfortable in what I wear.”

That’s sound advice for just about anyone! Being comfortable in everything that you wear really says something about your personality and how you carry yourself. You can be wearing the cheapest outfit, but as long as you are confidant while wearing it, you’ll look like a million bucks!

  • Accessories:

“I Invest in beautiful scarves, and statement handbags. Coco Chanel is my favorite style icon.”

Kris Jenner knows how to look good so it’s only fitting that she looks up to the great and fabulous Coco Chanel for inspiration. Kris likes to invest in statement pieces and handbags and scarves are just that! Like Coco Chanel, Kris Jenner shows women how to be confident in their own skin and to take pride in their look and everything that they wear.

  • Style Philosophy:

“You have to be passionate about your own style. When a woman buys anything for her wardrobe, it’s very important she be passionate about all the pieces she owns, whether clothes or accessories. When I go shopping, I only pick things I love. After all, you want to feel your absolute best when you dress up.”

She’s totally right when it comes to shopping for clothes; you only want to buy things that you really love and not just like. You have to be passionate about whatever you’re buying so that you know you’ll get your money’s worth by actually wearing it instead of letting it hang in your closets with the tags still on it. A woman needs to invest in her wardrobe and be passionate about every single item in there.

  • Jewelry

“I absolutely love big earrings, from big hoops to statement danglers. And yes bracelet, too! Always pick accessories you absolutely love and they will work their magic.”

Just like clothes, a woman needs to be passionate about her jewelry and pick accessories that she loves. Accessories can really take an ordinary outfit and make it extraordinary. Like Kris Jenner, a woman needs to find whatever accessories she loves and rock the hell out of them.

  • Make Up

“It’s really important for all women to own the right beauty tools – a great set of brushes can make all the difference.”

In order to look beautiful a woman needs the right tools to do so and a great set of makeup brushes is the way to do that. It’s the foundation to any makeup regime.

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