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Many people like to travel to Southeast Asia and enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture of the people in this part of Asia. But some Asian countries such as Malaysia, in addition to having very beautiful and pristine landscapes, have other merits such as markets. For example, Malaysia is one of the South Asian countries that has become very famous in the past years due to the existence of various markets. If you have visited Malaysia, you will realize that in Malaysia Marketplace, in addition to fresh products, high-quality goods, the markets have cheap local foods that are sold on the streets. You can also interact closely with native and local people.

Visiting in Malaysia Marketplace will make you fully feel the culture of all the people of this area. One of the attractions and fames of Malaysia is having famous and varied night markets. It goes most of the markets and shopping centers in Malaysia have become places that can welcome tourists. In this article, we introduce some examples of the most famous Malaysia Marketplace.

The best Malaysia Marketplace

Batu Ferringhi Market

This Malaysia Marketplace is different from all the markets you have seen because it is crowded and dirty and stylish at the same time! It is located on Batu Ferringhi beach and is full of various food and souvenir stalls. You can buy drinks and food from the stalls and have a drink while browsing the market. Or continue your way to the souvenir stalls. Its numerous booths are placed together. The market becomes so crowded that there is no place to breathe. If you’re looking for fake Rolex and “I love Penang” t-shirts, this is the place to shop.

Jonker Walk Market

This market is a paradise for local food lovers. In this night market, you can enjoy the best local foods, desserts and sweets. For example, Cendol is a sweet ice dessert made with coconut milk. Or Popiah, which is a local food and is prepared with chicken and rice in the form of meatballs. In addition to food and dessert, all kinds of snacks are offered in the stalls.

Kota Kinabalu market

This market is one of the largest local Malaysia Marketplaces. Many people wake up early in the morning to visit this market. This market is filled with people looking for buying batik sarongs. Sarong is a type of loose local clothing that is dyed in traditional batik style. In addition, fresh fish and even breakfast are offered in some stalls.

Wakaf Che Yeh Pasar Malam

If you want to have an authentic and local experience of watching the lifestyle of the locals with influences of Thai culture, be sure to visit the Wakaf Che Yeh night market. In this Malaysia Marketplace, you can buy cheap products and even bargain to buy these products. The variety and number of products offered is very large. You can also find traditional clothes in this market. Spicy and delicious Thai food are also sold in the stalls of this market. If you plan to visit this market, make sure that it is not in the rainy season.

Kuala Lumpur Central Market

Kuala Lumpur Central Market is a market dedicated to the sale of arts and crafts products. The interior of this market is well maintained and visiting it is a good opportunity to have fun on rainy days. From all kinds of arts and crafts, anything you can think can be found in this market. From embroidery to painting in impressionist style. This market is 120 years old and has been registered by the National Heritage Department of Malaysia as one of the valuable heritage of this country.

Hin Bus Pop-Up market

At first glance, the small size of this market may disappoint you, but this small and attractive market is one of the most up-to-date and special shopping centers. This collection is dedicated to native art and native products are offered in it. From hand-embroidered wallets to carvings. Many visitors have a great picnic in the green space of the bazaar and then stroll through the art galleries.

Taman Bandar Baru market

You can eat fresh and delicious Chinese food in this market. This night market is for students who are looking for cheap food and cheap products because it is located near the university square. Chinese residents have an active presence in this market.

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