Promotional marketing

Promotional marketing is one of the most important success factors in business, so you must follow the principles and tips of advertising to improve sales and attract better customers.

Advertising and marketing can have a very important effect on your success and income, which will definitely attract customers with these principles that we suggest. Attracting customers in today’s busy world is very important and if correct and principled advertising is done, it can attract many customers to your product and earn more profit and more success. If you want to be the first to attract people, we suggest you not to forget the 7 principles of advertising in this part of

What is the role of promoting in marketing?

Advertising plays a very important role in marketing, so that it can be said that the heart of marketing is advertising. Promotional marketing is usually done by people with high social relations and strong communication skills. These people advertise for different businesses by visiting different departments such as stores, industrial factories, different organizations, etc.

Marketing requires experience and skill in promoting. A person who does marketing should be familiar with different methods of advertising. The main goal of marketing is convincing customers to buy from companies. Therefore, marketers should use all promoting methods and know what promoting method should be used in each place so that customers are convinced to buy.

For example, when you want to make a deal with a company or a large organization, it is better for the marketer to use a creative advertising method and give an exquisite gift to the other party.

Today, due to the progress of science and technology and electronic businesses, the way of Business marketing has taken a new form. Modern advertising is much cheaper than traditional advertising.

In recent years, due to the increase in internet users, most businesses decided to transfer their jobs to cyber space and expand their activities. Online advertising can be done in two different spaces.

You can advertise on popular sites and do marketing on internet sites, and you can also do Promotional marketing on virtual networks and using popular and practical software.

Principles of Promotional marketing for sales success

People are faced with thousands of marketing messages every day, and this high density of marketing messages makes most of the efforts and advertisements to communicate fail and they are not given any attention.

Most people do not remember exactly the advertisements they see on TV or in magazines, and rarely do they remember one of them. Many people remember ads that actively encouraged them to respond.This simple activity reveals the importance of stopping power, so in order for your ad to be seen, it needs to have stopping power so that many people think about your product and remember it.

Seven principles can turn a Promotional marketing or any marketing communication into a real deal breaker, these seven principles are:

1- Promotional marketing to attract customers must have an intrinsic content

If it attracts children, it is clear that a strong principle has been followed in making this Promotional marketing.

2-The Promotional marketing should make the audience to participate and cooperate

Promotional marketing, with the power of stopping, does not allow the audience to play a passive role and entices people to do something like go to the store, or laugh, or just think about something.

3- Promotional marketing must evoke an emotional reaction

Advertising should have basic human needs and arouse people’s emotions, even if your appeal is rational.

4- Promotional marketing should stimulate curiosity

It should prompt the audience to investigate further and make them want to know more and seek more information.

5- Promotional marketing should surprise the audience

Promotional marketing must have a shocking title, an unexpected image, a strange display in the store, an unusual trick in the opening of the product launch to surprise and amaze the audience.

6- Promotional marketing should convey obvious information

The advertisement must be creative in order to create a way to express or see something so that it becomes something unexpected. If you do the ad in an obvious way, it will not attract anyone’s attention and cause your ad to be ignored.

7- Promotional marketing should go beyond the rules and personality of the product

The product should stand out and be outside of the common patterns and very different from what customers expect about your product category. For an ad that has an amazing story that breaks the mold and is unexpected, you need creativity.

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