Online advertising

What is online advertising?

According to one of the definitions provided by the University of Pennsylvania, online advertising is”: Any activity that uses the Internet (and perhaps in combination with other channels) to create awareness, interest, or activity about specific products and services.”

According to this definition, in online advertising, we try to deliver a message to the target audience so that they will be informed about our product or service or perform an activity that this message is sent either through the Internet or the Internet along with other channels such as television and so on.

What are the benefits of online advertising?

The benefits of online advertising for Business marketing are generally summarized in 3 categories. These are the advantages over traditional advertising:

1-It is cheaper and more popular: You will pay less for online advertising than traditional advertising methods. The prices for each minute of advertising in radio and television are also very large numbers, but in online advertising, the price range is very different.

2-It is measurable: A very important advantage of online advertising compared to traditional advertising is the ability to measure the criteria that indicate the relative success or failure of an advertising campaign. For example, when you plan to show an advertisement on TV, you’ll have estimates of how many people might watch your target TV channel when the ad airs.

Compare this matter with an online advertising campaign where the advertiser can know exactly how many people have seen the ad, how many people have clicked on it and gone to our target site, how many people have completed the desired activity such as a purchase. , how many people have regretted midway, and it is even possible to identify those who fall into each of these categories and show separate ads for that category. Now, by knowing such numbers, you can know how successful your ads have been.

3-it can be personalized: We will give another comparative example of a traditional advertisement, for example, distribution of leaflets with online advertisements. After the implementation of the tract advertising campaign, some people may be interested in your ads and become your customers, some may be indifferent, and some may not be satisfied with it at all.

Now you want to know who your customers became so that you can give them more services to become a loyal customer. In any case, you will not be able to do these things because you will end up printing two styles of leaflets and you will not know how to separate the customers from the non-customers. But in online advertising, you can segment your customers very easily and send your unique ad to each of them.

All types of online advertising in online advertising platforms

1-Display Ads

The oldest type of online advertising is display advertising. You have seen examples of this type of advertising usually in the banners that you see around the sites on the main or internal pages of a site. Fixed banners or animated banners (GIF) or animated banners (HTML5) are the three main categories of these types of banners.

2-Click ads (Cost Per Click)

In this type of online advertising, you will pay for your ad for the number of clicks you received on your ad. Many pay-per-view campaigns can also be pay-per-click.

3-Native Ads

Over time, due to the increase of display ads on many sites and causing relative inconvenience to the reader of the publisher’s website, a new style of internet advertising was presented, in which the ads are identical and similar to the format of the website page so that the audience can read their content better. And then click on the attractive ad from their point of view. In this type of advertising, the advertiser can pay per click.

4- Retargeting: In this type of online advertising, you can target any user who has come to your site, for example, through matching ads, who will see your advertisement on any other popular site they go to, so that your credibility increases or the probability of their purchase is doubled.

5-Text Ads: In text ads, you can publish your report text in the digital version of newspapers and reputable news agencies according to the traditional model of text ads in newspapers or ad reports.

6- Social Media Ads: The important point in this type of online advertising is that it should be designed and implemented in accordance with the culture of the behavior of social network users in each country.

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