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With growing the number of entrepreneurs in Malaysia, it would be strange if a business did not register for an online store to expand its business, making it one of the best marketing systems in Southeast Asia. In the age of digital technology, many people have taken advantage of online stores to build and expand their markets. That is why Malaysia’s clothing online store can be a good opportunity for people who are looking for quality clothing at reasonable prices. Malaysia’s clothing online store has grown significantly over the years. It is developing in terms of sales volume and the number of online buyers. Many consumers today prefer to make their purchases in a large environment such as the Internet instead of offline.
Malaysia clothing online store can save them more time than buying a physical store. Nevertheless, merchants can spend part of their time making money from online sales. Building a clothing online store is easy, but running a digital marketing funnel in-store properly requires more time, effort, and budget, and this is something Malaysia is focusing on it.

The Malaysia Digital report states that 78.4% of Malaysian store customers are active Internet users. Typically, using the Internet comes in many forms, including social networking, entertainment, and most importantly, conducting any business and transaction online through an e-commerce system.
Successful Malaysia online store
The current situation in Malaysia has led to the operation of very powerful e online stores in this country, some of which are introduced here. also you can buy Malaysia clothing online store through this site.

1-Lazada online store

Lazada is a popular e-commerce site not only popular among Malaysians, but also active in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This reputation as an online store and retailer market helps to sell the products of this site online. Lazada was first launched in 2011 by Rocket Internet. Lazada acts as an intermediate site between buyer and seller.
This company earns revenue by charging the seller’s commission for each successful sale made. They have also started advertising products on the website. To buy from this site, you can refer to Lazada’s address. The website address is It is an online market in the C2C and B2C categories with monthly traffic of 31.29 million. You can also use this Malaysia clothing online store to buy.

2-Shopee online store

Shopee was founded in 2015 and has been a fierce rival to Lazada ever since. Because both have the same services. Shopee is an e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia that helps the buyer-seller relationship in the buying process.
However, what makes Shopee different from Lazada is that Shopee focuses more on mobile shopping. This means that Shopee is said to have a better mobile app than Lazada. Lazada first launched its desktop and online e-commerce platform in Malaysia. Currently, Shopee makes money through its advertising.
To buy online from Malaysia and from Shopee online store, you can refer to the website address of this online store. Its website address is The store is in the C2C and B2C online market categories and has monthly traffic of 10.88 million.

3-Mudah online store

Mudah is Malaysia’s largest e-commerce platform that puts classified listings on its website. However, Mudah does not help the process of buying and selling products. Off-site transactions are made between the buyer and the seller. In other words, Mudah does not serve as an intermediary like Lazada and Shopee.
Mudah’s main source of revenue comes from advertising and a service called ProNiaga, where retailers can create their own personal store on the Web. Its website address is To buy online from Malaysia, we must mention that this store has a C2C online market category and monthly traffic of 12.37 million. You can also use this Malaysia clothing online store to buy.

4-PrestoMall online store

It should be mentioned that the 11Street Malaysia store has been renamed PrestoMall. This company started its operations in 2014 in Korea. Of course, it was first established in 2008 and was the second-largest online marketplace in Malaysia. Every time a successful sale is made on the site you get a commission from the sellers. They also offer sponsored advertising services on their site as a way to earn money.The address of this online site is It is a C2C and B2C online marketplace site with monthly traffic of 8.40 million.

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