What’s App? – the rise of productivity applications.

The evolution of technology has for the most part looked to make normal day to day tasks as easy as possible with the aim of making us more productive or giving us more time to do more important things. True these have not always had the desired global impact and can have detrimental or negative impacts as well, however the aim is to provide an ease to any action or even interaction.

So with this has come the progressive nature of mobile technology and specifically, mobile applications. We all use smart phones these days and most of us take advantage of the “smart” aspect today’s mobiles give us to make the most productive use of our time – others may use it for other reasons.

Here are 6 reasons mobile apps can improve one’s productivity, relationships with friends and family and overall quality of life:

  • Save Time
    We all have felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to run all our errands. However nowadays mobile applications can reduce the chances of that ever happening.  Most of our time when tackling daily errands is taken up by moving from place to place but with mobile banking apps, bill payment apps and online shopping apps, you can do all these things from you seat at work, or even in the back of a taxi on your way home – you just done need the same amount of time to get these daily tasks done anymore.
  • Quick decision making
    With mobile technology at this point in time, you basically walk around with your home office in your pocket. Making decisions and weighing up choices is not really a hassle anymore as long as you have access to the internet. Tasks like:
    – What restaurant to go to
    – What movie to watch
    – Which doctor to consult
    – Which job to apply for
    – Swipe left or swipe right
    These are all decisions that can all now be made on the move while we are doing other tasks – creating more time in our day.
  • Quick Results
    Patience is not a gift many of us have anymore, and mobile app technology helps as get quick confirmations on important actions. Specifically because you are always reachable – being able to be contacted at any time of the day in any part of the world, means that communication and therefore confirmations can take place much faster. Similarly, paying your utilities come with an immediate confirmation and making bank transfers to a colleague, business or family member now can take place within a matter of minutes – making tasks and responsibilities quick and easy to tick of your to do list.
  • Easily accessible
    There was a time where if you needed information on something, you would have to get to a library or get to the place of business that you required. Now, you just need to reach in to your pocket and turn that screen on and you are good to go with access to everything you could need. You could research a business competitor on the way to a meeting, check out the profile of a prospective investor or you could plan and book your Christmas holidays. You can literally do everything you need in the palm of your hand.
  • Improve productivity
    Mobile technology has developed to an extent where productivity at work and some of these applications are at times dependent on each other to make a business run successfully. From apps that monitor stock and inventory to tracking your delivery trucks, keeping your business’s social media up to date and even doing your email correspondence mobile app technology give us the ability to do all these tasks while on the move because business does not stop just because we step out of the office.
  • Social Connection & Communication
    What billions around the work use their phone for a majority of the time – Social Media. The era of social media has truly seen a rise and a fall over the years – however for those of us not trying to tamper in another countries election we just want to keep in touch with our friends and family while at the same time updating our own record of what is going on in our lives. It has become a social norm as to how we get to know each other rather than having a conversation like we used to – adding someone on Instagram or Facebook has become a new norm of how we get to know someone before we connect. 

Some may see it as a negative, but as with all things progress has two sides, and what matters is the sincerity in which we use the tools that technology has given us to make things easier for us but at the same time make things better for the generations to come.

On that philosophical note,  why not take a scroll through your app store and see how you can utilize some of the apps that are making millions of people around the world more productive and in turn more successful.

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