Health & Fitness tips for busy people

Struggling to lose those extra kilos before the end of the year well Albaloo has some sage advice for all of us who have a busy lifestyle and should make 2020 the year where we look towards making a healthy change.

1) Live An Active Lifestyle = move and don’t just sit.

Walk, take the stairs, ride a bike on the weekends or even go for a swim after work. Do what you need to do to ensure that you are not seated all day long and then coming home and going to bed. Our bodies need movement and activity in order to be healthy and like any muscle it needs to be used in order to work to its full potential. Unfortunately sitting doesn’t activate any kind of healthy outlook – so try the following:

  • Next time you need to get to go to another floor for a meeting take the stairs
  • Need to go to the bank a couple of blocks away, how about a walk during your lunch break
  • Need a drink after a long hard day, how about a jog or swim instead

There is always a healthier option.

2) Spend time & workout with your kids.

Working professionals struggle to find time to be healthy and spend time with the family – here’s an idea, why not do both at once. Us your weekends or time off to get the family together and do something active, some example:

  • hiking
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • football in the park
  • badminton in the back yard

Do whatever the family enjoys and you won’t even realize that you have getting in your daily exercise.

3) Learn Some Super Quick Recipes = save time for cooking

We all want to eat healthy but feel like preparation will take hours and turn to the fast food junk instead. Here’s the secret, you can create quick healthy meals with just a little research. And how do you save the hassle of cooking everyday – Meal Prep.

You can prepare your office meals ahead of time so that you don’t need to be at the stove thinking about what everyone will take to work and school the next day prepare in advance and refrigerate for a welcome time saver.

4) Less Can Be More

Everyone assumes that you need to put in hours at the gym to have that sleek toned body that the Hollywood elite have – well maybe so, but unless you are trying to be Malaysia’s next Jason Momoa or Dwayne Johnson, we mere mortals just require regular and consistent exercise to ensure that we are healthy and fit. A consistent 20 – 30 minutes a day is more than enough for a busy professional or superstar momager.

5) Eat clean & drink plenty of water

Many believe that being healthy and going to the gym means that you skip meals as well. Actually its proven that skipping meals can lead to slower weight loss. In actuality you need to control your portions, eat more as you exercise and drink A LOT of water to ensure that you are very well hydrated.

Tip: Drinking water helps with weight loss.

And there you go, a few quick tips that we can all put to use in our day to day lifestyles so that we can be fit and healthy for our families, our kids and hopefully our grand-kids too.
And on that sentimental note… let’s get physical!

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