Yes it’s that time of the year again where retailers everywhere offer amazing discounts so that we the consumer can spend all our hard earned money on things we may or may not need… but hey let’s consider this retail therapy.

Malaysia over the years has become a regional hub for shopping and with the number of high end retailers, world class malls and star class hotels; it is no wonder that people visit Malaysia just to shop. As such shopping has become a massive sector within tourism along with our cultural sights and theme parks that attract millions, shopping has become a very lucrative area in which foreigners have been coming to Malaysia regularly to experience – even more so during the year end sale period.

Speaking of YES (Year End Sale), retailers in Malaysia know how to put on an amazing sale and each year malls across the city put on some of the most extravagant and creative year-end sales in order serve their clientele. Because who can resist bargains on massive brands? This is one of the many reasons that in 2016 Expedia UK named Kuala Lumpur as the World’s 5th Best Shopping Destination – but forever No.1 to us here at Albaloo!

Now let’s get right to the heart of the matter – the discounts! Most of us would not dream of purchasing RRP on some of these uber-chic brands, but when its YES things being a bit more “possible”. Here’s why:

– Big brand names are looking to clear stock in order to restock the new season (especially on clothing)

– Retailers negotiate special discounts with brand names in order to clear shelf space for the new season in time for the new year

– Warehouse/outlet stores are looking to offload stock

– Malls are looking to increase customer traffic and hence promote and encourage discount sales

 – And many more reasons that mean we the customer get the benefit of saving up to 80% on items – (Can you even believe getting that deal at any other time of the year).

So there you have it, this YES season make sure you are locked in on who is having the best sales and make sure you get there nice and early in order to take advantage of the massive savings. This literally happens only once a year so you best get moving. Check Albaloo for the best Deals.

Happy Shopping folks!

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