Get ready for the new school year with these quick tips

The holidays are coming to an end and the new school year is just a few sleeps away. Albaloo is here to make sure that you are ready for school so that you can hit the ground running.

If you want to do well you have to give yourself a head-start this year and here is how you do it:

1) Get organized & routine sleep time

Managing your time and your materials is important to be able to get through the school year. You need to have time to study, rest and importantly – have a life. To do this you need to clearly segregate your time fairly and ensure that you give yourself enough time for schoolwork as well as down time and most importantly time to sleep. You will do your best work when you are well rested. Managing your time better will ensure that you have enough time to rest and give yourself the best chance of being alert in school and absorb everything you learn.

2) Review school material and information

The best way to learn is not to cram at the last minute before an exam – but the best way is in fact to recall what you learn as many times as possible. Having your notes and materials clearely labeled and organized will ensure that you can reach these when needed and you don’t have the stress of having to find your notes. So when you have time, or even the day before you have a class – review  your notes so you are ready to go as you walk in to class.

3) Shop for school supplies.

Its Year End Sale season and that means you can get the coolest gadgets and stationery you can imagine to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance at school as well as keeping yourself motivated to get your school work done. We are sure your parents would love to invest in some new tech if you bring home a good report card.

4) Re-establish school routines.

Before school starts, start getting your body clock used to waking up early again – it will make waking up that first week of school much easier. Start having an early shower and breakfast – it will ensure that you will not be late and in a rush when school starts. Also, try having your meals at the same time that you would during your school day – it will keep cravings and tummy rumbles at bay when you’re sitting in class before lunch break.

5) Set up a homework station

You should always have a designated space for homework – try to avoid that space being your bed. Set up your workstation in a place with the following features:

– Well lit – a window or by artificial light.

– Close to power outlets for convenience

– Plenty of storage for your notes

– A window if possible – not just for light, sometimes looking out the window can give you a quick break for your eyes while powering through your work.

– Facing away from TV, game consoles etc.

– A comfortable work chair

These should make it a good work space for you to get started.

So there you have it, a few quick tips from Albaloo to help you get on your way to a solid start to the new school year.

Happy Studying!

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