10 Wet Weather Driving Tips

This time of the year brings with it plenty of rain as the monsoon season hits us here in Malaysia and we at Albaloo want to make sure you are safe on the roads so that you can make it back home to your loved ones safe and sound.

So here are some tips for driving in poor weather conditions that will come in handy:

1)Plan your journey ahead
Plan the distance and the route you will be taking, if possible check ahead of time for traffic conditions and whether there are any major delays or issues on the route you are taking.

2) Service the vehicle according to schedule
Make sure your vehicle is up to date in its service schedule as you would not want to run in to car trouble in the middle of a rain storm on the side of the road.

3) Make sure the equipment is in working order: tyres, brake etc.
Before setting off check your tyres and air pressure to make sure you don’t experience any skidding on wet roads. Also be sure to check your breaks before you reach a heavy traffic area.

4) Buckle up
Always have your seatbelt on it can truly mean the difference between life and death on wet roads.

5) Drive safely and slowly
Keep plenty of time to make your journey and never be rushing to your appointment. It is safer to drive slowly.

6) Avoid tailgating
Keep plenty of distance between your car and the car in front of you. Sliding is common on wet roads and so is braking, so be sure to give yourself room to brake.

7) Use low beams in fog.
Visibility is always hampered in wet weather, and high beams can make things worse, so think of your fellow driver and use low beams.

8) Pull over if you need to.
If you are not comfortable or confident, pull over till the rain slows down and you are sure you can proceed.

9) Keep an emergency car kit in your car
You can get a flat tire anywhere, so make sure you have all your tools with you. Also a first aid kit would be handy.

10) Keep away your mobile while driving
Keep all possible distractions away – driving in wet weather is not easy and requires 110% focus. If the radio is hampering you, switch it off. Your safety is more important than in-car entertainment.

There you have it, some important and possibly life-saving tips as you take to the roads this wet season.

Please drive safely and responsibly.

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