Shopping and more at the Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers over the years have become a symbol of Kuala Lumpur a beacon of what Malaysia has to offer the world. Through the years thousands of tourists have visited the area to view the grand towers only to be surprised by the amount of hustle and bustle of the busy center below. In fact you and your family can make it an entire day out in the one location thanks to the Suria KLCC.

So let Albaloo let you know exactly what’s going on so that you can enjoy your next day out in the city.

  • Shopping for days

Suria KLCC houses over 320 high-end retailers from around the world giving you so many options at a multitude of price points to suite each and every budget. You will be able to find everything from Armani to UNIQLO, so make sure you have that credit card ready.

  • For the Family

Now shopping might not be the most interesting thing on the minds of the little ones or even the bigger kids that may be accompanying you, so Suria KLCC has plenty to keep them occupied and enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

One must see is the Petrosains Discovery Center a high-tech science discovery centre located at level 4, Suria KLCC that allows interactive & educational adventures for children and adults to have fun whilst learning. Other attractions include KLCC Park (which houses a public swimming pool for kids, water fountains, cascades and reflecting pools), Malaysia’s first dedicated Classical music concert hall, and Aquaria KLCC, a world-class oceanarium featuring a wide range of well-preserved species of marine life from all around the world.

  • Food and Beverage

Now while walking around this expansive wonderland you are sure to build up an appetite, so no wonder Suria KLCC has an amazing array of options for even the most sensitive palette.

You can choose from chill café’s and bakeries to food courts with food from just about everyone’s favorite restaurants along with just enough fast food to have the kids satisfied.

Now if that doesn’t sound like it will have everyone in the family satisfied we don’t know what will. Suria KLCC is truly an iconic area in our city that everyone should visit and enjoy.

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