November – The Month of Online Sales!!!

With November just a few days away that means one thing – everyone is going to be having their online sales and you better have your credit and debit cards ready for a rough month ahead. That also means that this is best time to get some awesome deals and possibly get your Christmas shopping done early.

 Now the massive online sales are on the following dates:

  1. Single Day on 11.11.2019
  2. Black Friday on 29.11.2019
  3. Cyber Monday on 2.12.2019

Here’s the run down on all you need to know:

  • Singles Day – 11.11

No this is not a day for you to find a date, this is literally singles day because of the date 11.11. CEO of Alibaba, Daniel Zhang started this to promote the tech giant’s online platform Taobao called Tmall. Offering massive discounts on electronics across the board with such a success it hit $7.8 million in 2009 – last year that figure seemed like pocket change with the event hitting over $25 billion on Alibaba platforms alone. So you can imagine how many people take advantage of Singles Day. Predominantly the sale is for electronic items, but other stores with an online presence, do get involved and there are plenty of online merchants offering heavily discounted products on this day.

  • Black Friday – 29.11

This is usually an unlucky day marked on Friday the 13th, however when it comes to online sales, the Black Friday sale falls on the last Friday of the month. The average Malaysian will spend approximately RM300 on this day and with the number of retailers with product on sale there is no wonder. The main winner is electronics followed by clothing, cosmetics & perfumes, shoes and finally jewelry. The sale goes on all day till midnight, and some retailers even extend the sale throughout the weekend. So if your kids want game consoles or laptops etc, today I the day to find a great deal and have it ready or Christmas. Or maybe you want to pick up your perfumes for the year ahead, you won’t find better deals than on Black Friday.

  • Cyber Monday – 2.12

Cyber Monday is the day following immediately after the Black Friday event as retailers realized that consumers did not have the chance to catch the amazing deals. That means that you have a chance to get even bigger deals as retailers are trying to move stock out of their stores. So make sure you have your cards handy as these are some deals you would never want to miss.

So there you have it, the run-down of the best sales coming up in the next month. Make sure you have an eye on Albaloo as we will be offering some great deals throughout the month as well as we join in the sale madness!

Happy Shopping!

Note: Below sites gave different dates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Malaysia

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