Movember – What you should know…

November is here and all everywhere you go you may be hearing thing like “are you taking part in Movember this year?” “it No shave November” and if you are utterly confused then Albaloo will help you clear things up.

First things first, ever wonder why in November there are so many men sporting beards or moustaches? Well, do not fear as there is nothing suspicious going on here – it is actually for a very worthy cause. Movember is actually a fun gimmick to raise awareness regarding men’s health and encouraging the men in our lives to get to seek medical attention early.

The cause started as fun among friends, 2 friends in Melbourne Australia joking about bringing back the moustache as it had disappeared from recent trends. They roped in 30 friends and were so enthusiastic about growing their “mo’s” that in 2004 they formalized the idea and get all participants to grow a mo for a cause. A company was registered, a website designed and the group formally decided to support prostate cancer as their cause.

From those humble beginnings, the Movember movement has grown to an international organization raising over half a billion dollars and over 5 million individuals taking part in the cause to raise awareness towards men’s heath.

There are rules to follow and there is a serious side to the fun that is had, but it is definitely something that is increasing awareness to issues that for far too long have been kept silent on. There is no shame in seeking help or medical advice on these issues that are taking too many lives around the world, and the Movember movement is taking a stand for men everywhere.

You can get involved in Malaysia as well, log on to the Movember Malaysia facebook page and get all the information you need to get involved – perhaps get a group together, your company or even your college buddies. You can have a good time and raise funds for a great cause.

Movember Malaysia:

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