Where is himawari backpack made?

Do you want to know where the Himawari backpack is made and what its features are? Himawari Company (meaning sunflower in Japanese), is a Japanese company in the field of bags, backpacks, and various products in this field, which produces its products in China. The products of this company are known for being light and spacious at the same time, and they are sold in the largest online stores around the world. It has a high percentage of customer satisfaction in the field of beauty and elegance. The present bag is one of the newest products of Himavari Company, which can be used for both laptops (13 inches and smaller) and tablets, as well as school bags and city trips. The material of this bag is made of the best synthetic fibers and it has a high resistance against water absorption on rainy days.

How to choose a suitable backpack?

In addition to the personal taste involved in choosing a backpack, there are some general rules that you should always keep in mind.

Always look for a backpack that has plenty of inside pockets so that the weight inside the backpack can be evenly distributed. In addition, the clauses are very important. Look for a backpack that has wide straps, fits your body shape, and allows air to pass through. Having an extra strap is also an advantage because it can help the weight distribution. In addition, make sure that the straps and the back of the backpack have a protective layer.

You can use wheeled backpacks so you do not have to carry a heavy backpack on your back. Wheeled backpacks are more common in schools and are sometimes a good choice for students. Remember to try the backpack before choosing it.

The Features of Himawari backpack made in china

If you are going to buy a Himawari backpack, you need to know the features of this backpack. There are many things to consider when you are buying Himawari backpack made in china.


Your backpack should be large enough to easily hold your laptop and accessories, but small enough to move around easily. The compartments should be large enough to hold not only your laptop and charger, but all your essentials, including wallets, cell phones, glasses, keys and more, so you don’t have to carry another bag. Himawari backpack have a special, padded compartment to fit your laptop inside.


Because laptops and all their essentials are heavy to carry, one of the best laptop backpack is himawari backpack that is as light as possible. Himawari backpack made in china are designed to be portable, so carry the backpack is light and comfortable.

3-Material and durability

The level of protection that your laptop backpack provides is one of the most important aspects. Your laptop not only protects you from bumps and falls, but also from humid weather.

Himawari backpacks are made of waterproof materials that protect your laptop from water and rain and are easy to clean. Do not doubt that the material of your laptop backpack is resistant to abrasion and will not tear.

4- Straps

One of the features that you should look for in a good laptop backpack is that your backpack has sturdy straps that can support all the weight you put in without shoulder fatigue.

They should be able to bear the weight of the bag easily and not loosen. The handles of the backpack should also be adjustable so that you can have the most comfortable position that does not cause the back to stretch.

5-compartments and pockets

Himawari backpack has several different pockets and space to store all your belongings. Extra pockets are carefully designed so that they can hold your chargers and cables without being tied. It also has a variety of internal pockets that can be zipped tightly to secure USB drives and other peripherals. Also there is enough space for your wallet, keys and phone.


To protect your laptop, you need to buy a laptop case that is shock and water resistant. Having specific compartments for accessories such as charger, tablet, mobile phone and notebook is important. In addition, the lightness and easy transport of the backpack with the minimum pressure on the waist should be considered when buying. With these descriptions, you can choose the famous brand of laptop bag and buy a suitable model with your laptop size and taste.

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