Best android smart TVs of 2022

In 2022, the top brands producing audio and video products, updated their new products and introduce their latest audio and video products. 2022 is one of the most exciting years for smart TVs because picture making technology has reached its peak and various companies have introduced the Best android smart TVs of 2022 to the world. Join in introducing the Best android smart TVs of 2022 to get more acquainted with these new TVs, each of which has different capabilities.

Best android smart TVs

1- Sony A8H OLED TV

The Sony Old A8H TV undoubtedly will be one of the masterpieces of Sony and all other TVs of 2020. The A8H TV is one of the most beautiful Sony TVs in terms of designing, in which the best possible materials are used to produce the best Sony TV. It also has a unique picture with a wide viewing angle that can provide the best results from any angle. This Sony product has the ability to display full black color and at the same time has the ability to display bright pictures with the best quality. Sony A8H TV, in addition to great picture features, has an Android operating system, which is one of the Best android smart TVs of 2022.

2- Sony X90J

X90J was introduced in 2021, it is still in the production basket for 2022. Sony is one of the top manufacturers of old panels, but as you know, old panels have a very high production cost, so Sony had to find a way to produce a better quality panel and cheaper. So X90J TV with LCD panel reached the production stage. This TV also has an Android operating system, which is an attractive option for young people due to its many features such as voice recognition, magic control and the ability to install Android devices.

3- HISENSE H8G Quantum

HISENSE H8G Quantum TV series, which uses quantum technology, should undoubtedly be considered one of the Best android smart TVs of 2022, which has unique features in the field of image and smart technologies. This TV should be considered as one of the cheapest quantum TVs on the market. In addition, HISENSE H8G Quantum is equipped with the Android operating system, which has many fans today. This operating system for this TV is defined in such a way that hundreds of Internet-related software can be installed on this TV.

4- Sony A90G

Sony A9G is Sony’s latest OLED TV and is generally one of the best OLED TVs available today. This Sony TV is equipped with the X1 Ultimate processor, which is Sony’s best processor and analyzes the content to show the sharp contrast of OLED with pure black colors, high brightness and natural colors. Sony A90G is also a really great TV to pair with the PlayStation 5 and comes with dedicated Gaming Mode for a smoother gaming experience and faster response.

5-TCL 4-Series

TCL has launched good Android TVs and some of the brand’s TVs are on the list of the best android smart TVs of 2022. TCL 4-Series TV is one of the best TVs of this brand, which is offered in different dimensions of 43 and 55 inches. The TCL 4-Series is a 4K HDR TV that supports most HDR certifications, including HDR10 and HLG. Although Dolby Vision is not present in this TV, but it seems that it provides users with a very good performance as an Android TV and displays unparalleled picture quality with high color accuracy.

6- Hisense H9F Series

Hisense H9F Series is one of the best android smart TVs of 2022 available because of its low price and high performance. This TV uses its own ULED technology and is the only ULED model on this list. The performance of this model is similar to QLED and OLED TVs and generally displays brighter images with better colors. Hisense also uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of the output image on this TV. So over time you will see an improvement in image quality.

7- Sony X800H

Sony X800H is one of the best affordable Sony TVs on the market right now. This is a 4K HDR TV with an X1 processor that delivers incredible images on the X800H as well as enhances non-4K content. This model, like other Android smart TVs, is equipped with a voice assistant, and Google TV gives you high efficiency and performance in this model, and brings access to various applications.

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