Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing

It does not matter what body you have, it is important to know the principles of proper clothing and know how to choose the right clothes and wear them according to the body you have, clothes should be chosen in such a way that in addition to the beauty of your body. In this article on Albaloo.com, we decided to tell you the important points about Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing. Join us.

Suitable Tall men’s clothing

Everyone should dress according to their body, this point is not only for women or just obese people but also thin and tall men and women should wear clothes that are made for their body. This is even more important for men because being too tall and skinny can impose restrictions on their clothing.

Wearing thick and layered clothes is the best way to create volume in the body of tall and thin men. If you use clothes that are a little loose, it is better than the fabric is firm and thick and not loose. For tall men, the best alternative to a tie is a bow tie, especially a light-colored bow tie with designs with horizontal lines. The best type of pants for tall men are straight pants or leggings.

Tall men should wear a jacket that is exactly mid-hip height to make the body appear wider. For tall men, a light-colored suit is a much better choice than a dark suit. And in general, any kind of vertical line has a negative effect on the limbs of thin and tall men, and any kind of horizontal line has a positive effect.

Suitable Tall women’s clothing

A woman who is taller than normal in society is likely to attract a lot of attention if she is present anywhere.

This attracts more attention when other parts of his limbs, such as the neck, fingers, etc., are more elongated than usual.

Clothes are suitable for tall women that make them look smaller and slimmer, for example, jeans that are not too tight but are not loose and have a high crotch are also suitable for these women. On the other hand, using of large and colorful jewelry and decorations in accessories such as bag shoes makes the limbs more delicate and the height is not too high. In general, patterned and colored clothes are a good choice for tall women. In choosing clothes for tall women, it is better to check the clothes on your body from all directions and put priority on the beauty and fit of the clothes. Do not be too sensitive about the fit of the dress and take a larger size if necessary, because large parts of the dress can be measured later, but if the dress is small for you, it is not made by a tailor.

4 factors for Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing

  •  The size of Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing:

Tall people usually have large bones, so, know your size and choose and wear clothes that fit it. When choosing clothes, be sure to pay attention to the size of the shoulders and the height of the sleeves.

Wearing tight and loose clothing is not suitable for you at all because it makes you look like a slut. For example, tight jeans are not suitable for your body at all, and it is better to use straight jeans instead. Also, patterned linen pants can create harmony in your style.

  • The color of Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing:

Consider using bright colors. Also avoid wearing solid colors (especially black and dark). Because they may make you look taller and more disobedient. If you decide to try these colors, try to choose patterned clothes. For example, a black shirt with horizontal stripes and plaid pants. This style of clothing makes you look slimmer and taller.

  • The design of Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing:

Wear patterned clothes to make your upper body look shorter. Using multi-layered clothes is also a good solution for you. For example, wearing a vest is suitable for tall people. Do not wear seven-collar clothes because these clothes make your neck look longer, which makes you look taller than you are.

  • The material of Tall men’s and tall women’s clothing:

Forget about wearing thin and soft clothes as much as possible and use thick clothes like texture cloth instead. Also patterned and crowded fabrics are suitable for you.

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