Dietary supplement for kids

Many parents give their child a variety of Dietary supplement for kids to help them grow and become stronger and smarter. Kids, like adults, need vitamins and minerals. If the child’s nutrition is adequate, and start on time and with the principles of baby food and give the kid a variety of freshly prepared foods, there is no need to use supplements. It’s not food, but otherwise you have to give the kid supplements for better growth. But what supplements should we give the kid if needed? Is there a specific way to take a supplement? Should a kid taking supplements be monitored by a doctor?

The importance of Dietary supplement for kids

Kids need nutrients for mental and physical development. From 6 months onwards, the baby’s growth increases dramatically, so his need for nutrients increases more than before. From this age, Mather milk is no longer sufficient for the baby’s needs and a new food source will be needed. Therefore, in addition to mother milk, the baby needs nutritional supplements to grow. Complementary food at 6 months should be consumed with mother milk to meet the baby’s need for milk. In addition, the mother and baby will have less difficulty during weaning. Click to learn the best ways to wean your baby.

Do kids also need vitamin supplements?

Kids over 1 year old do not need any supplements if they have a healthy and balanced diet, but infants sometimes need supplements such as vitamin D. The baby’s diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and a good amount of protein.

Cause of Dietary supplement for kids

If the baby’s diets do not provide all the vitamins and minerals the body needs, the baby needs supplements. Baby under the age of five may have problems such as iodine deficiency, iron deficiency, and vitamin A and D deficiency, so it is important Dietary supplement for kids that provide these substances for his or her growth.

Which kids need Dietary supplement?

-kids who follow a vegetarian diet and do not eat meat or dairy products.

-kids with intestinal problems, cancer, bladder infections, and these diseases affect the absorption of minerals from food and increase the child’s need for minerals.

-kids with a history of surgery.

-Food-sensitive and malnourished kids who do not consume certain foods.

Dietary supplement needed for kids

As we have said, some supplements are very important for the better and more complete development of kids, so your kid specialist will prescribe them; Supplements include:

-Vitamin AD supplement

Kids from 15 days of age should take vitamin AD supplements in drops. If you do not take this supplement, kids will suffer from malnutrition and its subsequent problems.

-Vitamin A

Vitamin A is effective in strengthening eyesight, the development of white and red blood cells, increasing the efficiency of the immune system against disease, facilitating the transfer of iron from storage sources to red blood cells. This vitamin has a strengthening effect on the mucosa and is effective for the development of kids.


Iron is prescribed to prevent anemia and vulnerability to infections, improve learning and memory disorders, especially in kids with anemia, increase energy and ability, improve weakness, dryness and muscle cramps.


Manganese is another Dietary supplement for kids that is present in the composition of some supplements. This element, which is effective in the growth of the child, is effective in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and in the formation of bone and cartilage connective tissue.


Zinc is one of the elements in the function of the immune system, wound healing, strengthening the sense of smell, sight, taste, natural cell division, growth and development during pregnancy, childhood and puberty, skin health, nail formation and strength, and strengthening the structure.

-B vitamins

B vitamins are effective in metabolism and increasing the body’s energy, relieving fatigue, forming red blood cells and strengthening the nervous system and memory, and their deficiency causes weakness of the nerves and skin disorders, reducing the number of red blood cells and anemia.


Multivitamins increase growth and development, increase energy and appetite in children, strengthen and grow long bones, counteract bone softness, healthy gums and deciduous teeth, strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to infections, strengthen the system Sight, skin health, hair and nails, etc.

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