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According to research, in pandemic conditions, wearing a mask is the best way to protect against Corona disease, so this disposable sanitary device has become one of the necessities and equipment consumed daily by billions of people around the world. The KF94 masks for selling is one of the most popular breathing masks these days, which has gained a lot of fans.
What is a KF94 mask?
KF94 mask is also known as three-dimensional mask, three-piece mask or fish mask; KF94 is a Korean standard for mask making, and KF stands for Korean Filter, and the number 94 refers to mask performance.
This mask is made of three different pieces that are sewn together using ultrasonic technology. This 3D mask has a top piece, a bottom piece and a front piece of the mask; this three-piece shape doubles the beauty of the mask and makes it easier to breathe by moving the mask away from the mouth, and these features has led people to buy such masks. So KF94 masks for selling are satisfactory for preventing Corona disease.
Introduction of KF94 standard
One of the important points in the field of breathing masks is their compliance with the existing standards in this field. Mask standards mean how much a particular mask resists the entry of viruses and particulate matter into the air, and how well it can protect a person’s health.
The letters KF are removed from the beginning of the word “Korean filter” and 94 also means that the filter is effective against at least 94% of viruses. This means that with a KF94 mask you expect to be safe from at least 94% of environmental viruses. In other words, the KF94 is the Korean equivalent of the N95 and offers the same standard quality.
The price of the KF94 3D mask and its better performance than the three-layer mask is another reason that KF94 masks for selling is suitable. N95 and N99 masks are more expensive than three-layer masks, and due to the prolongation of the corona outbreak, it is not possible for many people to purchase them continuously. But 3D masks, although not as cheap as three-layer masks, but are not very expensive and unaffordable for most people.
Some features that make popular the KF94 masks for selling in pandemic conditions of Corona virus:
-Ability to complete cover the upper respiratory tract
As we mentioned, this mask consists of three pieces, each of them is for a specific purpose: the upper part is installed to adapt to the shape of the nose, and the lower part is placed under the chin, and the complete cover is in front of the mouth and nose and it is prevented dust particles and viruses from entering the airways.
-Reducing steam generation on glasses
Due to their appearance, these masks are suitable for people who want to use medical glasses and sunglasses because they prevent steam leakage.
-Ability to fine-tune the mask on the nose
This type of mask has an adjusting clamp at the top section that can be used to fix the mask on the nose; these clamps are called fixators; In addition to holding the mask in place on the face, these clamps prevent air from entering, as result prevent dust and viruses from entering the airways.
-Maintaining the distance of the inner layer of the mask from the mouth and nose
In most masks, there is no space between the inner layer of the mask with mouth and nose, and the mask is completely on the face and it is in contacting with the mouth and nose; But in KF94 masks, the design is such that the front of the mask are away from the face. This design has several advantages; including that the person breathes easier, speaks easily and women can use this type of mask without worrying about clearing their makeup.
There are many other advantages that make popular the KF94 masks for selling, some of these advantages are mentioned below:
-They are beautiful in appearance.
-They are anti-allergic due to less contact with the mouth and nose.
-They are fully adjustable on the nose.
-They cover the entrance of the respiratory system completely.
-They have four layers for better protection.
Like other disposable masks, the kf94 mask is not washable and after the useful time of consumption should be discarded.
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