COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit

COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit that has already been used in several European countries is designed to immediately diagnose a person with coronavirus.

Self-test kits work like Covid-19 disease antigen test methods. The result of these tests is available in less than 30 minutes, unlike the PCR test, which takes up to 48 hours to send to the lab. However, it should be noted that these tests are less accurate than advanced tests.

If the accuracy of PCR laboratory tests is 98%, the accuracy of home self-tests is something like 80%. The performance of these tests is compared to pregnancy tests in terms of simplicity and speed.

How can COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit be used?

How to work with these home self-tests is easy. Put a thin tube that is in the device 3 to 4 cm inside the nose and rotate it 5 times on the mucosa at the end of the nose. Then remove the end of the tube and mix it with the liquid in the kit and close it.

Like a pregnancy test, the device shows the result with one bar (negative) or two bars (positive). If no line appears, the test should be repeated.

Who can use these kits?

This self-test is allowed for all people over the age of 15, and anyone who has had contact with a carrier, with or without symptoms, can obtain these kits in accordance with government law.

Where are the kits available?

The French government has said that from April 12, about one million kits will be distributed in 6,000 pharmacies (equivalent to a quarter of all French pharmacies).

Jerome Salomon, director-general of health at the French Ministry of Health, said the kits would probably be sold in supermarkets as well. However, the government has so far rejected the idea, and a health professional needs to be present to explain their proper use.

The COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit currently available on the German market is approved for trained individuals only. The main reason is that sampling may not be done properly by untrained and inexperienced people. For example, a quick test by taking a sample from your throat or nose can be difficult for untrained people.

Of course, new research shows that inexperienced people who have received proper instruction can do this test well. 146 people with symptoms of the disease participated in this study. The PCR test was positive for 40 of them. After clarifying the results of the PCR test, all participants performed a rapid test for themselves by taking a sample from the nose. 91.4% of the 40 people who tested positive for the first test also tested positive for their COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit. In the case of 106 subjects who tested negative for the first test, the rapid test confirmed the result in 99.1% of them.

Of course, this result cannot be generalized to the entire population of the country due to the small number of participants.

Can COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit stop a pandemic?

Rapid tests show that only 70% of corona disease cases are positive, and thus many negative results are false; Consequences that may give the person a false sense of immunity to the virus.

Furthermore, since it is not possible to be sure whether ordinary untrained people can perform this test properly, these rapid tests have not yet been approved for use by untrained ordinary people.

On the other hand, experts warn that receiving a negative result from this test should not be considered as a license to perform all activities and traffic in all places. They emphasize that all health protocols must be followed. This is especially important in high-risk areas, places with the need for special protection of people at risk.

The health expert mentioned that the tests “although not able to detect all positive cases, instead detect all transmissible cases.

The Robert Koch Institute Writes: It is not yet clear exactly when a person carrying the virus will be able to transmit the virus to others. This means that when a COVID 19 Home Self-Test Kit may not detect a person who is infected with the virus, the person may be a carrier of the virus in later stages of their illness.

No personal antigen tests are yet available for the home, so it is not possible to predict whether this will be able to stop the pandemic.

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