Huawei smart phone models

Huawei is one of the most successful Chinese companies that was founded in 1987. It is the largest provider of communication services in the world. Huawei Mobile, which started producing the phone in 2004, entered the smartphone competition in 2009 with a Huawei smartphone based on Android 1.5 (U8220). Due to the low price of Huawei phones, the Chinese brand soon found its way to other markets. Huawei price was a competitive advantage for Huawei phones at that time; As a result, many users preferred to buy the Huawei phone over other brands, and the company soon became one of the world’s leading handset manufacturers.

Different types of Huawei phones

Huawei phones can be divided into three categories: low-range, mid-range, and flagship.

  • Y and NOVA series phones

The first category is low-range phones or cheap Huawei phones that are sold under the Y Series. Huawei is looking to offer a phone with a high purchase value in the Y series. The price of the Huawei phone in the Nova series is slightly higher, and the Huawei Nova series phones are in the second category in terms of price and quality; Huawei’s focus in this series was on boosting the selfie camera.

  • Mate and Pi series phones

If you are looking for the best Huawei smartphone, you should look for it in the flagship P and Mate series. Looking at the price list of Huawei phones, you will notice that the price reaches its maximum in the Pay and Mate series. The reason is the use of the latest technologies in these two series of Huawei phones.

The Pay and Mate series cameras have always been among the best in the market in recent years and there is a lot of innovation in them.

  • Huawei Enjoy

Huawei Enjoy series phones are usually renamed other Huawei global models, especially Y series phones; however, some of its models are also taken from the Honor and P series. The Enjoy series has been created with the aim of offering Huawei smartphones cheaper in the Chinese market, and the only difference between them and the global models of Chinese software is the Enjoy series phones.

The best Huawei smartphone

Which model is the best Huawei smartphone for you? It depends on many things, including your taste; but by looking at the specifications of Huawei smartphones and their prices, you can generally make a category according to your needs.

If you are looking to buy an expensive and flagship phone from Huawei and the camera is an important principle for you; The Pay and Mate series phones are equipped with the best and most innovative mobile phone cameras. Powerful hardware with high charging speed and using of crane processors are other features of these products.

T-series phones or Huawei budget products generally have LCD screens and come with MediaTek and Crane chips.

Daily prices of Huawei phones compared to competitors

Huawei phones have long been known for their high purchase value. A review of the current price of the Huawei smartphone shows that buying a Huawei phone is still a wise and economical step. Huawei’s price seems more reasonable than most competitors considering the Huawei mobile specifications. Perhaps that is why the Chinese company is still one of the most prominent smartphone manufacturers in the world, despite many ups and downs in recent years.

One of the reasons for the low price of Huawei phones is that Huawei Mobile itself produces processors for all types of Huawei phones. The Crane processor used in most new Huawei phones competes with the Exynos and Snapdragon processors in terms of processing power and battery efficiency; Depending on the model, the graphics power of these chips may be less than similar models of Snapdragon.

Huawei phone in terms of designing

The Chinese are more followers than leaders in designing, but Huawei has proven time and time again that it does not always follow this principle. If you look at the photo album of Huawei in recent years, you will see many design innovations in the design of the company’s high-range phones.

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