Which used car is best to buy?

Having a safe and suitable car is one of the important needs of families, and considering that many sections of society do not have the financial means to buy a new car, the tendency for buying used cars has increased. But buying used cars has many challenges that if you are not fully aware, the buyer may suffer a lot of losses, but where does this knowledge come from?

According to statistics, 81% of used cars are introduced by a healthy seller, while 60% of these cars have technical problems, body or both.

  • When you are buying used cars be sensitive to the color of the car.

It is often said that you are not obsessed with color when you are buying a car, but did you know that more than 40% of used cars have a variety of colors on the fenders, doors, roof, or hood? Do you know how much these colors affect the price of the car?

  • When you are buying a used car, take the damage to the body and chassis seriously

One of the most important points in buying used cars is body inspection. In examining the car body, you should pay attention to points such as depressions, decay, paleness, cracking, serious damage, wrenching, changing the hood, and so on. Statistics show that about 20% of used cars have replacements in fenders, hoods, doors, or roofs!

Car chassis damage is also very important. The car’s chassis deforms only in severe impacts, many of them cause the wheel angle to be distorted and the car to tilt to one side while driving. The chassis process must be done to repair the chassis, and as a result, the car will never have the previous endurance.

  • When you are buying a used car, take the damage to the body and chassis seriously

Statistics along with mechanics show that 32% of used cars have all kinds of technical problems! In addition to reading the used car buying guide, preferably use a skilled expert to buy a used car. Otherwise, consider the following:

Test the performance of the vehicle’s braking system, suspension, and steering. Try the brakes, and hold the brakes to the end, if the car has a mismatch, there is probably a weakness in the brake system. In addition, in a safe and downhill environment, test the car’s handbrake forwards and backward to make sure that no screaming or abnormal sound is heard when braking. Apply a lot of pressure vertically to all parts of the car; normally the car should return to its original shape, but if the car starts to shake it indicates that the car’s suspension needs to be repaired.

Carefully inspect all car engines and electrical parts such as headlights, turn signals, horns, sprinklers, etc. Signs such as new lubrication or solder, and sometimes abnormal cleanliness under the engine cover can indicate engine manipulation and repair. Also, pay attention to the sound of the engine. Unfortunately, some dealers pour heavy oil into the engine and gearbox so that the engine does not make abnormal noises. To identify this, turn on the car and let it idle for a while.

Pay attention to the exhaust fumes; Turn on the engine and leave it on for 5 minutes. If the smoke coming out of the exhaust is black, it means that the carburetor is not working properly, but if the smoke is blue, it means that the carburetor has a major problem and needs to be repaired.

  • Doubt a clean car with a lower price than the market

One of the most important points in the used car buying guide is checking the car price. Clean cars with lower than usual market prices are always questionable. So get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Buying a Used Car. Unfortunately, fraudsters receive thousands of dollars in advance by advertising a clean car below the market price and disappear!

The last point is that reviewing all of these items requires enough expertise and not every buyer can afford it. In these cases, getting help from car expert services will help. Paying for car expertise will make you not incur more expenses in the future; so the best and safest way to buy a used car is to use an expert car expert.

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