What makes KF94 face mask more popular than other types?

Kf94 face mask is one of the most popular breathing masks these days, which has gained a lot of fans. But what are the special features of this mask and what distinguishes it from similar masks?

The best breathing masks

There are several masks on the market today, each of them has its own characteristics. The variety of masks is in different fields and ranges from the number of layers to their various colors. One of the important categories of masks is based on their shape and appearance. Three-layer masks, three-dimensional masks, nursing masks, V-mask, C-masks, and also flat-fold masks are among the different types of masks in terms of appearance.

It can be said that the three-layer mask is the most widely used respiratory mask to fight against coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. These masks, also known as surgical masks, have three layers of filters inside that make them have good filtering power. Patients with coronary artery disease should never use a mask with a valve (Which some people mistakenly call a filter mask).

As the corona became more durable, consumers became tired of the three-layer mask and switched to other types of masks. One of the most popular masks is the Kf94 face mask.

The three-dimensional or three-piece mask, also known as the fish mask due to its special shape, is a type of mask that consists of three different pieces that are sewn together using ultrasonic technology.

The three-dimensional mask has a top piece, a bottom piece, and a front piece of the mask; This three-piece shape makes the beauty of the mask double on the one hand, and on the other hand, it makes it easier for the person to breathe by moving the mask away from the mouth, and this has made people tend to buy such a mask.

Introduction of KF94 face mask standard

One of the important points in the field of breathing masks is their compliance with the existing standards in this field. Mask standards mean how much a particular mask resists the entry of viruses and particulate matter into the air and to what extent it can protect a person’s health.

One of the most famous mask standards that have been considered since the beginning of the Corona outbreak is the NIOSH standard, which is an American standard. The most popular mask with this standard is the N95 mask, which means that the mask will filter against at least 95% of viruses.

Another standard in this field is the KF94 standard. This standard is a Korean standard provided by South Korea.

The letters KF are removed from the beginning of the word “Korean filter”, and 94 also means that the filter is effective against at least 94% of viruses. This means that with a KF94 face mask you expect to be safe from at least 94% of environmental viruses.

In other words, the KF94 is the Korean equivalent of the N95 and offers the same standard quality.

It is clear that the Kf94 face mask is a 3D mask that we expect to have a very high resistance to the virus to the respiratory tract.

But in addition to the performance, the price of the Kf94 face mask and its better performance than the three-layer mask is another reason why people want to use this mask. N95 and N99 masks are more expensive than three-layer masks, and due to the prolongation of the corona outbreak, it is not possible for many people to purchase them continuously. But Kf94 face masks, although not as cheap as three-layer masks, but are not very expensive and unaffordable for most people.

Is the KF94 face mask washable?

Like other disposable masks, the KF94 face mask is not washable. Although the good quality of this mask and the thickness of the body may lead to the impression that the mask is washable and reusable; But you should know that all masks at this price level are disposable and should be discarded after the useful time is up.

The layer that is present in most respirators and performs the function of particle filtration, which may be blown, SMS, or nano, loses its effectiveness due to wetting. So, although you may be able to wash and reuse the mask, rest assured that it no longer works.

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