5 Spring celebrations from around the world

Soon it will be spring in many parts of the world and is often times seen as a new beginning coming out of cold winters. So Albaloo is giving you a quick zip around the world to tell you about some of the Spring festivals that take place in some amazing places.

1)Nowruz – Iran – 20th March 2020
Is known as the Iranian or Persian New Year and is widely celebrated in the region. Nowruz marks the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one, and it occurs on the day of the vernal equinox. It is a festival usually celebrated in the evening with rituals being performed such as jumping over bonfires and the lighting of firecrackers and fireworks.

2) Hanami – Japan
Known around the world as the famous Cherry Blossom Festivals is an important custom and is held all over Japan during the spring. Surely you would have seen the images of the beautiful cherry blossom parks in Japan with gorgeous walkways lined with cherry blossoms in full bloom. Well spring is the time of the year to see this amazing sight.

3) Songkran – Thailand
Is the Thai New Year’s National holiday and begins on 13th April and ends on 15th April in 2020. It is also known as the water festival and recently throwing water has become a huge part of the celebration with crowds of people splashing anyone in sight so prepare to get soaked.

4) Tulip Festival – Netherlands
Amsterdam tulip festival and botanical gardens in Keukenhof is open from the 21st March to 10th May in 2020. Here you can see the amazing tulip fields spanning acres as far as the eye can see with vibrant color making it picture perfect.  The best time to see the tulips in bloom is throughout the month of April and the peak is between April and May where you would not want to miss the fields in full bloom.

5) Spring Equinox – Teotihuacán, Mexico”
Is an annual event which takes place around the 20th and 21st of March at the pre-Hispanic site of Teotihuacán, Mexico. Many other events take place around Mexico simultaneously. Many people dance and chant their way up the Pyramid of the Sun and reach the top with outstretched arm once reaching the top at sunrise – while most climb between 9am and 1pm. All this is done to ask the gods for energy and health.

There you have a it, a quick trip around the world celebrating spring. However, at this time Albaloo would recommend that travel is avoided until the threat of the Coronavirus is contained in order to ensure your safety.

Be Safe.

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