Chewy, Popping Golden Bubbles – Time to Satisfy Your Bubble Tea Cravings

Over the recent years Bubble tea has become a popular drink amongst all ages. The delicious refreshing fruit-based or milk-based tea drinks with a choice of bubbles or boba have a flavour to suit every taste bud. Read on to find the best places where you can indulge your bubble tea cravings.

1. Tealive is a brand that is brewing new life into tea. The café offers a range of drinks under the categories of tea, coffee, coco, sparkling juices, matcha and fruit teas etc. however, their signature drinks are Signature brown sugar pearl milk tea, Roasted Milk Tea with Handmade Pearls (Sweet Potato), Signature Passion Fruit Green Tea, and Grapefruit Chia Tea Booster. Indulge your bubble tea cravings and visit any of the Tealive stores that are found around Malaysia. Visit to find your closest store.

2. The Alley is a café that offers tea-based drinks that have been hand-made with heart.  Every beverage from The Alley has a story of more than 500 days that begins from the moment the tea leaves are harvested, through the processing of the leaves, the infusion of the delicious flavors and the selection of the ingredients in their perfect balances that creates the perfect bubble tea. The unique tastes of the beverages from The Alley are attributed to this traditional hand-picked, hand-made process that enable customers to enjoy the finest flavours. The uniquely flavoured tapioca pearls are also prepared from scratch and customers can watch the entire process of measuring, sifting and mixing of ingredients that form the perfect pearl shaped tapioca bubbles.  At The Alley where everything from the tea to the tapioca pearls is manually handmade with love, you can be assured that you can enjoy a bubble tea with a difference – Each cup has its own unique aroma, taste and individual character. Visit The Alley outlets and enjoy a bubble tea made with love today!

3. Gong Cha is an international bubble tea chain that originated in Taiwan and was established in Malaysia in 2011 and has since grown to become phenomenally popular. The store offers a range of tea-based drinks complete with delicious uniquely flavoured bubbles. Gong Cha translates as the ancient act of offering tea to royalty and in the same manner, every cup of bubble tea is of premium quality with unparalleled flavor because Gong Cha believes that every customer is like royalty.

4. Xing Fu Tang originated in Taiwan only in 2018, but in the short span of 1 year has already expanded around the world opening multiple outlets in the countries that they are in. Malaysia’s first outlet was opened on famous SS15 Bubble Tea Street and they have now expanded to 9 outlets around the country. The signature drink that is a must have at Xing Fu Tang is their cold Brown Sugar Boba Milk. The luxuriously creamy drink is not too sweet and comes with big, chewy, delicious pearls that are caramelized on the top by flames. You also get to see this process in live action while you’re at the outlet. Sounds tempting? Visit your nearest Xing Fu Tang outlet today and try their signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk or any of their other delicious bubble teas and taste the difference.

5.  Koi The originated in Taiwan but has fast become very popular in Malaysia for the delicious bubble tea drinks they have. The freshly picked tea leaves are painstakingly selected to be made into tea that can satisfy any palate and their delicious bubbles are made from premium natural ingredients and cooked at different temperatures to give them a signature bounce and golden glow. The delicious bubble tea drinks not only taste phenomenal on your first sip but will leave you craving for more once you’re finished. Visit your nearest store and try their delicious Golden Bubble Milk Tea and Taro Q Milk Tea with mouthwatering delicious taro balls.

Feeling thirsty already? Time to visit one or all of these outlets and satisfy that bubble tea craving you have. Look out for more information and phenomenal offers on all your favorite food and drinks only at Albaloo.

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