Rejuvenating Your Mind, Body and Soul!

In a world where life is chaotic and everyone runs on hectic, busy schedules, we all need to take some time off and relax our mind and body. Albaloo has put together the best places for massages around KL and you can find fantastic deals for these outlets even on our site.

  1. Thai Odyssey – the eclectic, calm ambience of Thai Odyssey gives you a chance to relax and unwind. Experience authentic Thai massage, reflexology and spa treatments when you visit any of the Thai Odyssey outlets. Surrender yourself to the incredible effects of traditional Thai healing under the healing hands of expert therapists. Indulge in complete serene wellness for your mind, body and soul and enjoy a truly invigorating experience.

2. My Thai Wellness – is an initiative of V Ultimate Wellness which is an award-winning pioneer operator within the aesthetic community in Malaysia. Visit you nearest centre where you will be treated as a guest not as a customer. Relax, unwind and be pampered in a beautiful, comfortable, peaceful setting at a cost that is affordable to everyone. You can find great deals when you click on

3. Mandara Spa is a luxury spa and wellness centre that guarantees to provide customers with a completely unique experience in honoring the Malaysian culture as well as the Balinese traditions of the past. No two outlets will provide you with an identical experience but you can be assured of ultimate satisfaction and complete rejuvenation of your mind and body whichever outlet you visit. Click on to check the latest offers and discounts from Mandara Spa!

4. Reborn Wellness Malaysia is the largest reflexology and Tui Na Massage chain in Malaysia. Each outlet is a one-stop health care centre for everyone in the family. Visit your nearest outlet and improve your health and wellness through all natural methods to create a healthier mind, body and soul that will let you get through the day.  

5. Healthland Wellness is a complete wellness centre that promises customers the best luxury spa experience for the entire family using the finest spa products all at an affordable price. Healthland is a premium luxury centre of knowledge on wellness and relaxation and promotes a complete holistic lifestyle with programs on meditation, health care and other activities catering to every lifestyle. Renew your mind, body and sense of wellbeing, only at HealthLand.

Albaloo has your mind, body and complete wellness covered – visit to get the best offers and discounts that you can enjoy and take the time to renew your soul and enjoy a brand new sense of serenity and tranquility.

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