Top 5 Food Delivery Services in Malaysia

Food is something that brings everyone a great amount of pleasure and enjoying what you eat is an experience that everyone wants to have. Maybe you have had a long day at work, too tired to cook and you’re craving Thai food or pizza or maybe you feel like Korean barbeque! Read on as give you all the details you need to know about the top 5 food delivery outlets or apps that you must have to satisfy all your cravings!!

foodpanda is a delivery service that aims to please its customers by ensuring food delivery at its best. Whether you are looking to order breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a mid-day snack it is as simple as picking up your phone or going to the website and you can order your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered to your door. You may be unsure what you want to cook or you simply may feel like ordering in, foodpanda’s delivery service is the perfect solution to your every food dilemma!  On foodpanda you can order from over 700 restaurants in Malaysia via an easy to use app or website, easy payments where you can pay online, use iPay88 or even pay cash on delivery and there are deals and discounts that you can enjoy to make sure that your wallet and your stomach are content!

GrabFood – Work has you too busy to grab lunch? Once you get home you can’t decide what you want to cook or maybe you’re too tired to cook. Grab Food is the perfect solution for you – you can now have your favorite food delivered to you hot and fresh! It’s as easy as easy as launching the “Grab” app, selecting “food” and then proceeding to order whatever you maybe craving. GrabFood is currently available in Klang Valley and will be expanding to selected areas in Melaka, Penang, Johor, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching and their delivery areas will be expanding to include more cities very soon. Feeling hungry? Maybe you feel like pizza tonight? Craving it? Just grab it!

Dahmakan – When you want to order food from a delivery service or from a restaurant, very often the food is too oily, too spicy and generally unhealthy. Why not try the Dahmakan difference? You can order whatever you like from the menu; the ingredients will be freshly sourced from the local farmers, cooked by friendly chefs and delivered free to your door or your desk. What’s the catch you ask? Absolutely none! Dahmakan is currently delivering meals to most areas in the Klang Valley. If you try dahmakan meals and love them you can also choose between Dahmakan prime (a prepaid meal plan with discounts in exchange for paying upfront for your meals as well as added benefits of delivery within 30 minutes etc.) or Dahmakan SELECT (an exclusive subscription where you can pay a monthly fee and have your meals delivered to you at a highly discounted price for the most unbelievable savings). With all these savings why would you go anywhere else to order whatever you’re craving right now??

Honestbee is a leading online delivery service that works with a simple mission in mind – providing customers with a great food experience that is easily accessible. You can order your ingredients from the grocery store of your choice – you will have a specialized concierge hand-pick the best products for you and a “delivery bee” will then ensure fast and efficient delivery of your goods to your doorstep. The service currently partners with more than 10,900 stores so you can be assured that you will have the choicest of goods delivered to you at the best price that there is to offer!

DeliverEats is an online food delivery company that specializes in bringing absolute convenience to diners in satisfying their hunger by providing unbeatable offers and efficient delivery services. Venture out into a world of culinary delights where you can order foods from any cuisine that you may be craving or wish to experience – from Chinese to Mediterranean, pastries to dessert and all your local favorites – you name it, DeliverEats will have it. In a matter of a few clicks your delicious meal will be at your doorstep. DeliverEats is the service you want to go to where your tummy’s satisfaction will be ensured.

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