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She would rather spend time reading book on the bus.
Christina Perri would rather spend time reading book on the bus.

Christina Perri, a famous, talented singer-songwriter has made her amazing performance concert in March, 3rd in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second time she visited and performed her concert here, in Malaysia after she made a promise to come back. The well-known hits Jar of hearts and A Thousand Years song that brings her up to this level, from a waitress to a popular singer to all over the world. She has a very soft and angelic voice which inspired people to write songs. Christina is incredibly soulful and honest in delivering her feeling through music and brings emotional performance towards the crowds. She was welcoming everyone with genuine warmth heart and made people easily fall for her.

With these personal attributes, she manages to take her fans’ breath away whenever she performs on the stage. She has a unique style as compared to other celebrities. People always mesmerized by her talent and eventually they are trying to imitate Christina style. Sometimes shopping can be so hard for certain people. We need to think carefully and going through the processes before making any purchase.

Here, we provide some shopping tips which are related to Christina Perri’s fashion and lifestyle.

  • Search for information

Christina keeps telling people that she is a book nerd and she is very passionate about books. She would rather spend time reading book on the bus for tour rather than doing other stuffs. She even post on his social networks about her habits of  reading. So, it reflects in her shopping style as well. She will carefully search for information about the future items before she buy it. You may ask others opinion, such as from your family, friends, relatives, colleagues about a particular product. They might have experienced in purchasing that stuff you are looking for.

  • Buy what you love

This popular singer of “Jar of Hearts” is preferred to buy what she loves. She prefers something short or something sparkly or something that she rarely wears while she is on the stage. Sneaker are the best choice for her as she loves to run around while performing on the stage. Because of her background where she normally wore her brother’s clothes back then, she feels comfortable and kinda like boyish style. Moreover, she will pick a very comfortable and not too tight dress. She loves to share what she wears on the social network and we can see she has a unique and lovely style that makes people adore her so much.

  • Specify your needs

As a celebrity, beauty is the most important thing for Christina as well. She cares too much on her skin. She is obsessed with Elemental Herbology products to make sure her skin in a superb condition. This is very important, especially when she is travelling to different time zone all over the world. Try to find items that can fulfill your needs, able to serve you for the specific purpose and so on. Before you hit the store, make sure that you have some ideas what to buy and don’t simply grab things without picture it first in your mind, or else you will end up buy unnecessary stuffs.

  • Do-it-yourself

She is very particular about her health. In fact, she loves delicious and healthy food. She admitted that she always consume healthy food such as vegetable, fruits and even blend her own green smoothies. She even claimed herself as total protein shake junkie nerd and get creative every morning. She does not drink and avoid drugs as well in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is encouraging people to follow her footsteps by reducing consumption for unnecessary items and start to practice a healthy lifestyle. So, instead of buying ready meals, we can enhance our skills by adding our preferences into our meals. You can do some sort of experiment and it definitely will give some joyful moment to you. Sounds cool isn’ it?

  • Online stores

Christina never hesitates to tell people that she loves to go for online shopping store. The reason is she’s always travelling all over the world and it’s much easier for her to get things. She loves shopping on Nasty girl sites because there is a place where she can get a lot of her stage outfits. Even we can get things cheaper from the online store, especially during the festive season or special occasion. So, use this opportunity to buy things that you wished for. But spend wisely. Because of her passion towards online shopping, now she own her online stores- Christina Perri online storefront. She is enjoying her life and said that she has no barriers with her fans as she can talk to them online. She is willing to share everything to her fans and to the world.

  • Polish up bargaining skills

Christina loves shopping at Wasteland, it’s like a vintage shop for a cool girl. That is a bona fide fashion’s lover’s place which a fave with stylist celebrities. She also visited the best flea market in the wet coast – Rose Bowl Stadium located in Pasadena. Before going there, it is important to polish up bartering skills to bargain. The early birds will get advantage as well. It is important to know how to bargain since we can persuade the customer to reduce at least a small amount so that we can spend more with other stuffs. As we know, there is no harm in trying.

  • Don’t spend on anything that you are not sure about it

Be careful before making your decision, you have to put into your mind that you are going to use and to wear the items. It’s better to leave it rather than you regret it in the future. Make sure it can fit you properly. Christina said that she is a very open person and she loves to try different things. We can see that she always wear unique yet stylish outfit which make her become so stunning in her image.

In the end, we could say that Christina definitely has made a huge contribution in others life by giving hopes for lives and love through her song. She deserves it after going through so many difficulties. Remember, hard work never betrays. Indeed, is not easy to be as successful as Christina Perri and it requires a lot of effort. We can say that shopping is the best remedy for some women and is the perfect way to avoid stress and troubles, but, try to spend wisely. Meanwhile, we need some guidelines before making any shopping decision, or else we will take the risk alone. For the shopping tips above, we hope that it could help you to make a better plan for your future purchase.

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