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Miranda Kerr’s Shopping, Sales, Fashion Quotes

ONG KONG – DECEMBER 12: Miranda Kerr attends the Samantha Thavasa 20th Anniversary event at Harbour City Samantha Thavasa Store on December 12, 2014 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney, Australia, and brought up in Gunnedah, New South Wales. She participated in the modeling competition during 1997 with Dolly magazine and won the contest. She has started her career as a model since then. Miranda is one of the most in-demand models and became the true star after named as the first Australian Victoria’s Secret angel. Despite of being a fabulous model, she is also a very successful an entrepreneur for her own product, Kora Organics. Miranda Kerr is always confident and looking absolutely lovely plus stunning. She classified herself as classic, chic and comfortable type. Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn’s and her grandmother. Both of them have been influenced her in getting stylish as she grew up and played with her Nan’s wardrobe. Here are Miranda’s favourite quotes on shopping, sales and fashion. Continue reading “Miranda Kerr’s Shopping, Sales, Fashion Quotes”

Christina Perri’s fashion and lifestyle

She would rather spend time reading book on the bus.
Christina Perri would rather spend time reading book on the bus.

Christina Perri, a famous, talented singer-songwriter has made her amazing performance concert in March, 3rd in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second time she visited and performed her concert here, in Malaysia after she made a promise to come back. The well-known hits Jar of hearts and A Thousand Years song that brings her up to this level, from a waitress to a popular singer to all over the world. She has a very soft and angelic voice which inspired people to write songs. Christina is incredibly soulful and honest in delivering her feeling through music and brings emotional performance towards the crowds. She was welcoming everyone with genuine warmth heart and made people easily fall for her.

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Shopping Tips from Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the richest women in the world, but she is a very savvy shopper. She asks herself questions like “how would this go with what I have?” She thinks twice about buying anything and avoids getting caught up in the shopping excitement. You know you have been a smart shopper if you bring home a purchase and there is no guilt or buyer’s remorse.

Although Oprah Winfrey can purchase anything she wants, there are her tips and tricks that will help you be a savvy shopper, look trendy and stay within your budget.

Shop Around

A sale price is not always the best price. A deal may not be a real deal if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. Shop around, tweet your friends for their recommendations. Take it easy when you see something that is attention grabbing

Read sale ads very carefully

There may be some that say “quantities limited”, which means they only have one in each size.

Travel Costs

Take travel costs and time commitments into consideration. If bargain is across the city, you may not be getting a deal when you add in time and gas. Find a boutique near you and shop there.

Price Matching

Look for price matching policies. There are some merchants who will match or beat a competitor’ price. They may only do it one time, but that one time may be all you want right now.

Shopping Tips from Oprah Winfrey

Online Shopping

One of the best deals you can find might just be online shopping. Shop online and compare prices for fashions you want. Do keep shipping costs and delivery times in mind when you are purchasing online.

Read Ads Carefully

Buyers beware when an ad says buy one, get one free or free gift with purchase. If you don’t really want or need the item, it is not a deal. Good advice for any type of shopping trip.

Sales Adjustments

Ask about sale adjustments. There are many times when a buyer goes into a store for an item and the item goes on sale the next week. Some stores will refund you part of what you paid. Just try it the next time you purchase something that goes on sale shortly.

Take along a Friend

Don’t forget your Facebook friends when you are ready to go shopping. Ask them what they think would look awesome on you and what they would recommend. “Like” different shops; they will send you coupons and bargain tips.

Mix and Match

Purchase items that will enliven your wardrobe. Avoid purchasing something just because it looks good. Mix and match what you already have.


One of Oprah’s tips that every woman should take to heart is your bag. A structured bag gives your outfit instant fashion. Try purchasing a bag in a bold color or one in gray; this year’s color.

Don’t match jewelry

Mix gold and silver. It really is all right. You didn’t need to match all your jewelry. Just let the metals fall where they may.


Add a belt to your outfit. A jeweled belt makes everything elegant. Take your look to the next level by wearing a unique belt.

Oprah looks good because she is a savvy shopper. The wisdom she passes on to you is logical and just good common sense. In today’s world where “anything goes”, look your best by following the basic rules; and not spending more than you can afford.

Who is Alexander Wang?

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Have you got your Alexander Wang x H&M ? Show your Alexander Wang x H&M haul to us! Alexander Wang (born December 26, 1983) is an American fashion designer and Creative Director of Balenciaga. He was born in San Francisco, California, to Taiwanese-American parents, Alexander Wang went to summer design programs at OTIS and Central Saint Martins.

The Alexander Wang x H&M collection features exclusively designed garments and accessories for women and men. Mixing technical details and innovative fabrics for both fashion and function.