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7 Ways to increase online sales

Ways to increase online sales

The structure of a good sale nowadays is the system based on the network. That is, it is an online sales system.
Online Sales is the act of purchasing products or services across the Internet. The online sale has developed in popularity over the years, mostly because public get it suitable and effortless to bargain shop from the comfort of their home or office. Consumers do not require to come directly to the spot to buy the desired goods, they can buy their specific item anytime and from every place as they wish for, for merchant also its like cutting expenses, they can set up their business or product to everyone not only in one place without having to open the branch or office. Continue reading “7 Ways to increase online sales”

Best burger deals in town

Here’s where to find fast & easy best burger deals near you in KL.

Burger King 

RM20 Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks

Burger King-RM20 Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks

Dining like a royalty does not mean you have to wear a crown and hang out with a queen. More

The Malaysian Original Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw

Only RM12 for RM20 Cash Voucher for Burgers

The Malaysian Original Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw-Only RM12 for RM20 Cash Voucher for Burgers

Without burgers, hot dogs would rule the fast food world while fries would drown their misery in bland sauces. Celebrate the king of quick meals with today’s deal at The Malaysian Original Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw™ ! More


Jimat Jimat McD

Macdonald-Jimat Jimat McD

Amazing deals, all day, every day at McDonalds! Get a special price for Sausage McMuffin with egg at RM2.95 on Monday-Friday(breakfast). More

Kelab Golf Seri Selangor 

RM29 for 2Pax / RM56 for 4Pax

Kelab Golf Seri Selangor-RM29 for 2Pax-RM56 for 4Pax

Nothing beats the sheer delight one gets while indulging upon sumptuous selections of Tea Break selections admidst a picturesque setting at Kelab Golf Seri Selangor. More

To find fast & easy deals near you, Albaloo is now available for android in Google Play and for iOS in App Store.



Albaloo would like to take this opportunity, to wish all our valued users celebrating Deepavali a very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali. May this Deepavali bring happiness, success and prosperity to all of you in the year ahead. 

As this festive celebration is just around the corners and the festive mood is high on everyone’s mind, you may find fast and easy many more Deepavali deals and offer near you at Albaloo.


Albaloo is now available for android in Google Play and for iOS in App Store.
Download the app, Sign Up and post ads For Free!


How to use

In this video we try to show “How Albaloo can be used”.

First you can select the categories that you want to view at the front page. You can also select all categories at the top and then all the categories that you have selected will be shown at the front page. You can also see all deals around us on a map if you click the map button. Once you are at the front page, you can select any categories that you like for example Food & Restaurants category. A listing of all deals near us will be shown. You can select any deals that interest us and when you click at the deals and all details about the deals will be shown. You can rate it, like it, bookmark it and report if it is inappropriate. You can also comments on the deals and slide the pictures to see more pictures or you can also click on the picture to see it more clearly. You can get the details about the seller at the deals page such as website, phone number and the dealer’s email address in order to contact the dealer. If you click at the address of the deal, you can get the deals shown on a map and get direction to go to the deal by car or by walking. You can click at the profile button and create your profile by either registering your email address, or signing up using your facebook or google account.

And wow! your profile has been created. You can start to find people and follow anyone that you like on your profile page.

This video also shows how you can register in order to sell stuff in Albaloo.

Watch out and then install Albaloo in your iOS or Android now!