Albaloo is available on your table

Welcome to Albaloo!
Albaloo can help you to find the deal and offer near you. In the mean time, you also can sell your beloved items in Albaloo so that neighborhood can buy from you. It is fast and easy to post ads in Albaloo.


Albaloo’s Features
Today, some of happy customers are downloading Albaloo in their devices. Helpful app, good for the girls that like to shop, nice app, easily search, good and easy to find thing that you want, expanding the business and easy to use are all neat advancements which published with customers in Google play and App store, but these new app have much more to offer than these.

Find all the hot selling stuff near you
Albaloo brings all the hot selling items around you to your phone or tablet everyday. With an innovative GPS system, get ready to automatically find all the best shopping deals just around the corner. You can also take a look at the reviews of the deals and items, or even contact the seller right from inside the app.

Check out what others are doing
With Albaloo’s social network, you can find, follow, and interact with other shoppers who are like-minded and enjoy what you do! Discuss your favorite items or services in the neighborhood and let them know where to get the “next best deal”! Interested in getting others opinions on what’s on sale today? Get to it then. With Albaloo, quickly find the best deals near you.

Shout out to others about cool stuff
Albaloo lets you sell your antique painting that you no longer use or report an exciting sale that your friends would love to know about. You can do this all right inside the integrated mobile app. Have a shop or restaurant and want to tell the world about your promotion? Just download the Albaloo App on your mobile device and post your promos and deals for free! It’s that easy!

Albaloo is now available for android in Google Play and for iOS in App Store.
Download the app, Sign Up and post ads For Free!

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