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2022 is a great time to invest in the growing ways of promoting your business: shop or online store. Content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing can all be used as part of your business advertising. In this article, we take a look at some popular Malaysia promotions 2022 because, for business owners, the ways in which they can promote their online business and attract attention have changed dramatically over the past decade.

 The most important change so far has been the change in digital advertising costs. According to a research report by Zenith, US Internet promotion spending increased by 12.4% to more than $ 135 billion in 2020, accounting for 53% of advertising spending. This means that more than half of the promotion and free advertising costs have now been transferred to online media. And with changes in our lifestyle and work by Quid 19, online promotion has increased a lot.

Kinds of Malaysia promotion 2022

You probably know some of the Malaysia promotion 2022 methods. In the complete guide to promotion, we will introduce some of them to you.

1-Print promotion

Print promotion relates to posters, postcards, bulletins, brochures, and other physical print promotions. Also includes newspaper and magazine promotion. In Malaysia, The design and analysis of Print promotion have changed in recent years, but it has been a constant source of promotion. We saw this type of promotion in 2020 and we will probably see them in 2022 as well.

2-Billboards and public transport promotion

Larger-scale billboards include print promotion. They differ widely from their print competitors in the size, design, placement, and cost of public transportation promotions and billboards. For example, billboards with little or no words are designed to give the viewer enough time to get the message out of the car or train. These c promotions are also used to increase brand awareness. So these promotions usually include the brand name, phone number, or website address.

3-TV or commercials

Almost all of us are familiar with this type of TV commercial. Short videos that companies and organizations intend to use to attract viewers to a program or television network. These ads are just one of Malaysia’s promotions in 2022. Commercials have been around since the invention of television and have undergone extensive changes by 2021. These promotions have a large audience and may be viewed by millions. They convey a completely different feeling and experience to the viewer than the printed model, billboard, and transportation. One thing to keep in mind is that commercials are expensive. In addition, the audience generally avoids them. Reaching a customer through these campaigns is more difficult than through other campaigns.

4-radio commercials

Radio commercials are word-of-mouth promotions that are played between music and other programs. It is interesting to know that this method dates back to 1920 AD (1299 AD). Radio promotions are especially powerful for local and regional advertising. Today, podcasts are especially popular with audiences.

Types of environmental Malaysia promotion 2022

-Save paper – save the planet

In this creative Malaysia promotion 2022, the handkerchiefs are placed in a different space and in the form of the nature of the world. This promotion refers to saving the world.

-Scary vs. scarier!

This promotion was created by the DDB agency and refers to the uncontrolled hunting of sharks. The image clearly shows that the absence and extinction of sharks are more frightening than their existence.

There are many other environmental promotions around the world that take the audience for a moment, but their impact stays in the mind for a long time.

Telephone promotion

Telemarketing is a type of direct promotion that which a company can market its products and services with direct contact. This method can be effective for new businesses and create more brand awareness.

Telephone promotion is also suitable for larger companies; because it can increase their credibility. It does not matter what your product or service is; this sale method is applicable to almost any company.

Promotion on social networks

Social media platforms provide valuable content. So, they share the option of Promotion or making the posts more visible. Promotion on social media targets your message to your audience and encourages them to click and make a purchase.

The best Malaysia promotion 2022 methods

1-Recourse to emotions

2-Creating positive associations

3-Creating a BANDWAGON effect in the execution of various promoting

4-Preference advantages over characteristics

5- Storytelling in different types of promotions

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