Latest smartphone features

The rapid advancement of technology is truly amazing. Smartphones have replaced computers for many users, and people do different things with them. Latest smartphone features generally are great cameras, the processing power needed for heavy-duty multitasking, and enough battery life to last all day.

Today, mobile phones are one of the most widely used devices in most people’s lives. Their diversity has made many people unable to decide on Latest smartphone features. Smartphones today have more than just a function for making calls or texting. For a large number of people around the world, they are a tool for livelihood, buying and selling, advertising, education, learning, and so on.

Some Latest smartphone features

1- Selfie camera under the screen

Although the selfie camera of some phones is not good quality, but we must note that these cameras are the first generation of this attractive technology. Over the past few years, handset manufacturers have tried various solutions to eliminate cuts and holes in the screen, and using the camera under the screen is ultimately the best solution.

However, large corporations are also entering the field soon. Samsung has reportedly made extensive progress in this area, and it even looks like Apple is preparing the technology. In any case, every year we see smartphones based on selfies under the screen that this is one of the Latest smartphone features.Latest smart phones in site

2-Super-fast charging

Super-fast charging of smartphones is constantly increasing. Last year, Xiaomi unveiled the May 10 Ultra with 120-watt fast charging capability, and it is said that Samsung also intends to significantly increase the charging speed of its phones. Chinese companies usually have a lot to say in this regard, but it seems that more companies will pay attention to this issue.

3-folded phones

 The presence of all kinds of phones that can be folded is one the Latest smartphone features .With the evolution of this technology, more companies are entering this field, for example, we can mention the possibility of offering folded phones based on two hinges, as well as the supply of roll-up phones.

One of the most important challenges facing folded phones is the issue of their durability. Manufacturers have spent years to increase the durability of handsets, and to increase the durability of roll-up phones, they have to think of innovative approaches. However, one possible solution is using self-repairing screens.

In 2013, the LG G Flex was introduced with a repaired back panel, and Apple filed a patent in this area last year. According to this patent, repairing the display cover may be initiated or accelerated by the application of heat, light, electric current, or other external stimuli. In any case, the introduction of this technology seems unlikely, but we can expect the release of folded phones.

4-Phones without port

Mobile phone manufacturers are very interested in removing different parts. Almost all flagship phones do not have headphone jacks, Apple has begun the process of removing the charger from the case, and Samsung has decided that users of its flagship users will no longer need a microSD memory card. But in the meantime, it seems that sooner or later we will have to wait for the removal of all ports from different phones.

With removing the headphone jack and microSD port, the increasing popularity of eSIM technology and the improvement of wireless charging capabilities, smartphones will soon no longer need to use a variety of ports. According to one of the whistleblowers, it is possible that the iPhone 13 Pro models will be available without ports.

5- MicroLED displays

In 2016, there were rumors about using of microLED displays for the new generation of iPhones. But after 5 years, this technology has not yet reached the phones. In other words consider microLED displays the same as older displays, but with no pixel burn problems and brighter.

Recently, there have been rumors about the use of a foldable iPhone with a microLED display. A number of companies, such as Sony, plan to use this technology for their phones. Therefore, it seems that, various phones with microLED displays will be available to users.

Other Latest smartphone features

-Has fingerprint sensors

-Face recognition systems

-Dual cameras

-Increasing wireless charging support

-having a waterproof protector

If you are planning to buy a smartphone, first determine your budget and then your application priorities to choose it. Doing so will make it easier for you to choose and buy a mobile phone. It is necessary for you look at to get acquainted the Latest smartphone features that is the most important priority for you before going to buy a phone.

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