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Usually when we decide to sell second-hand furniture; many methods come to mind; but we have doubts about how to sell them. We do not know which method is suitable for selling the product we are considering. In general, the methods of selling second-hand furniture and nabucco sofa include the following:

    Sell second-hand furniture to brokers

    Sell second- hand furniture online

1) Selling second-hand furniture to brokers:

The first way to get second-hand equipment is selling) it to brokers. Brokers are actually places to buy and sell such equipment. These shops have been operating in the country for a long time and are one of the safest ways to sell these goods.

You can sell second-hand furniture to a broker in two ways:

-In the first case, if you have a device that is one or more small and portable devices, you can take it to a broker for sale. The broker will buy the goods from you after pricing.

-But if you want to sell bigger appliances such as furniture, you can ask the broker to come to your house to check and buy your goods.


The benefits of sell second-hand furniture to brokerages include instant and instant payment. This method is also very suitable for general and one-time sales of equipment. In other words, it can be said that the best way to sell the old furniture of a house, especially second-hand heavy furniture.


 In this way, your product may be priced lower than your target price; But surely the price is in accordance with custom and fair.

2) Sell second-hand furniture online

Today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of sites and applications for the sale of second-hand devices, this has become possible. There are several ways you can sell your used furniture online.

-Use of second-hand appliance sales applications

-Use Instagram pages to sell second-hand appliances

-Using sites to sell second-hand appliances

-Review tips for better and faster sales online.

 The most important thing is to insert (is inserting) images. Photo ads get more than five times more views. Be sure to submit your ad with multiple images of the product. Be careful to arrange the sofa for photography. You can even use cushions, vases or lampshades next to the second-hand sofa for more beauty.

When you want to sell second-hand furniture online the next item is the appropriate title. In the title, mention the important features of the sofa such as color, model, style, multiplicity and. Write product description and information below. For example, enter the status in terms of function, fabric, wood, table, and finally the price.

 Value determinations

If your furniture is in good condition or you think it is valuable, you need to guess how much it is worth. Do you have antique furniture that should be priced by a specialist? Did you know that your furniture is made by a famous manufacturer?

Even if your furniture is not old enough to be classified as antique or valuable to a collector, it still has a value. Consider at what price you bought it, where it was made, and what its current condition is. In general, to determine the price, you can go to newspapers and websites and find furniture similar to your sofa to get ideas for pricing.

Find out about furniture prices

Do not worry if you do not know the price of sell second-hand furniture, because like any other market, after a while you will get acquainted with the second-hand home appliances market.

 You can find out the purchase price of second-hand furniture by searching the internet; but the best way is to go to second-hand home appliance stores and talk to the sellers.

The price of second-hand furniture is determined according to its material, health and function. For example, what wood, foam or veneer is used to make the sofa is decisive.

Be realistic when pricing your furniture. The memories you have with your belongings are only valuable to you and have no value to the buyer.

Consider all stains, scratches, tears and corrosions when pricing; In the same way that you take notes on the condition of a piece of furniture with very good conditions. The price you offer should not be higher than the price of similar furniture in the market. Decide in advance how much you want to be in assist at the price you gave and do not discount.

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