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Smart phone promotion will be released annually. Devices that use the Android system (such as Samsung, Huawei, etc.) receive the software package and receive a new update message of the Android operating system on their mobile phone. But the important question is: “How to promotion your smart phone and is it right to upgrade Smart phone? And what is the benefit of Smart phone promotion? To answer these questions, follow

Is it possible Smart phone promotion?

The answer is yes! Smart phone promotion will be sent for all mobile phones that are compatible with the new version. The newer the phone, the sooner it will receive the Android version upgrade. New updates require compatible hardware and software, otherwise no new version will be sent to the phone.

Those who have an old mobile phone may never be able to update their phone! Android upgradeability depends on the model and year of production of the phone, the older the phone, Android will not be upgradeable and update packages will not be sent to it by Google. But methods such as mobile rooting allow updates but are not very reliable.

Is Smart phone promotion good or bad?

Whenever a new version is shipped to a smartphone, it inherently contains bugs that developers want to address. Trying to reduce the number of these bugs is one of the main goals of engineers. Some are performance flaws that give the user an inconvenient user experience, others are security.

Most security bugs have become more complex. But, an error in the application allows a third party to access the original user’s phone. Smart phone promotion will fix these bugs. Therefore, updating the new version of Android is not only a bad thing, but doing it will help solve the major problems of the old version.

There are some of the benefits of the Smart phone promotion:

  • New features

By upgrading the Smart phone, you can use the latest Android features. Most apps are updated with the release of new versions of the Android operating system and offer a set of new appearance and performance features for an effective user experience.

  • More security

Security is a major concern for Android users because most applications require personal information and user information. Users enjoy more security every time they upgrade their Android mobile.

  • Higher efficiency

Advanced functionality is another advantage of updating the Android operating system. Developers of the program periodically receive feedback from users to fix bugs and performance problems of Android.

  • Speed ​​improvements

Smart phone promotion usually fixes all the bugs related to the older version. This will make the phone no longer hang or slow down! This advantage allows users to use it faster.

How to upgrade smart phone manually?

Follow the steps below before Smart phone promotion:

-Make a backup of your mobile ear.

-Make sure the phone battery is at least 50%.

-Plug in the phone.

-Make sure your mobile phone has enough space.

-Connect to Wi-Fi unless you have an unlimited data plan.

Steps to upgrade smart phone

-Step 1: Set up your device’s Wi-Fi

-Step 2: Go to your device’s Settings and tap it, this will be done via the application menu or notification bar.

-Step 3: Scroll down and tap “About device”. When you tap Settings, you will see about device at the bottom of your mobile screen.

-Step 4: Tap Software update. On this page you will see the title Software Update. Tap this field.

-Step 5: Tap Update.

Step 6: To upgrade your Android version: Tap Install

Tap Install immediately. Downloading and installation begins. You have to wait for the installation to complete. Your device will restart after installation.

Each brand of mobile phone may have a different user interface. But they are all almost the same, you need to go to the settings section and then to the “About phone” section to see the mobile model number as well as how to upgrade Android.

Note: In the Software Update page, you can check the automatic download to enable the device’s Wi-Fi whenever it is turned on, and if there is a new Smart phone promotion, Android will automatically upgrade.

Smart phone promotion is important for both users and developers. Therefore, it should be considered as an integral part of mobile development services. With just a few taps, you can upgrade your Android mobile phone. This will significantly improve the phone in terms of security, speed and performance.

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