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In today’s world, with the advancement of technology and the access of people to smartphones, TV makers decided to use this technology in the manufacture of TVs, and smart TV was launched. Smart TV works like a smartphone and has the ability to connect to the Internet. The title Smart TV was first introduced by Samsung, and later LG and Philips used this technology in the development of their products. Smart TV Deals on Albaloo.

These devices have their own operating system that allows you to install various software on them. The operating systems of each brand of TV are different from other brands, and companies that produce smart TVs add to the features of these devices by designing and providing their own free software.

Smart TV with Internet connectivity can access online services and networks. It is possible to watch programs and videos online on various sites such as YOUTUBE and IPTV channels. Users can access web pages, check email and social networks. Smart TVs also have the ability to install software and play games online. You can also create a video call on Skype by connecting your webcam to your TV. To use these services, you must be careful in purchasing the Internet service at the appropriate speed.

Smart TV capabilities

The features of any smart TV depend on the software that is released to work on that device. In recent years, smart TV companies have increased the variety of their TV software, and this trend continues. Depending on the software available, you can expect the following features from your Smart TV:

  • Browsing and displaying various web pages
  • Possibility to install software for TV operating system
  • Downloading and playing TV games
  • Ability to use online streaming services, such as YouTube, Aparat, Filimo, Netflix…
  • Executing text files such as Word pages and Excel files
  • Run video calling software such as Skype with webcam access
  • Accessing the weather app
  • Ability to play movies and pictures online
  • Capturing playing images
  • Using internet radios
  • Time-shifting feature to retrieve live streaming images
  • Accessing to social networks on TV
  • Wirelessly transfer video and images from other electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets, with support for the DLNA standard
  • Access IPTV Internet channels
  • Perform user voice commands

Is it possible to hack a Smart TV?

Like any other electronic device, televisions are vulnerable to hacker and malware attacks after connecting to the Internet. Smart TV companies, after introducing the first models of their smart TVs, realized the security holes in the software structure of these TVs. so, smart TV makers have improved the Internet security of their TVs. The companies also provide anti-hacker software to combat hacker attacks that users should use to enhance the security of their smart TVs.

The more complex the TVs, the more likely they are to break down. But this should not prevent the discovery of new technologies.

What to do to connect a Smart TV to the Internet?

To connect a smart TV to the Internet, you must use an Ethernet cable or WIFI cable. Cable connection is better for playing games online and watching movies. If the distance between the modem and the smart TV is large and it is not possible to use a cable, a Wi-Fi amplifier or modem with a longer range should be considered.

How to connect a Smart TV to a mobile phone?

All smart TVs have the ability to connect remotely, which allows you to connect your TV to your mobile phone, tablet, or wireless home theater system. So, you need to connect your mobile phone and tablet to it through the programs that are inside the TV and use them as a remote control.

Get Smart TV Deals on Albaloo?

Ordinary TV can be turned into a smart TV by a smart TV box device, and a converter is provided for each mobile and tablet operating system, and the TV is connected to this device via cable or wireless.

This TV is an emerging device that will need to be felt and purchased as a smart TV as the lifestyle progresses towards a smart life. The capabilities of this TV are more than ordinary TVs and provide many features to users. The price of a smart TV is very reasonable and affordable due to its features. You can buy smart TVs online right now and see the technical information and prices of TVs on Smart TV Deals on Albaloo.

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