Stay at home during lock down!

All around the world, billions of people have been issued advices and sometimes government orders to stay at home while the medical community comes to grips with the spread of the Coronavirus. The aim is to “flatten the curve”.

You may have heard this term a lot over the last few weeks. The term flatten the curve is to in effect, reduce the rate of infection so that a country’s medical system is not overloaded with massive numbers of infected individuals, that they cannot cope. So the aim is to give as little chance as possible for large numbers of people to get infected.

In many countries they have implemented the following:

– Banned large gatherings

– Closed schools and universities

– Work from home orders

– Imposed curfews

– Mass communications and advisories on social distancing

– Educating the public on measures they can take to avoid infection

– Mass testing

– Closed airports

– Only allowing government mandated essential services to operate (ie. Public utilities, supermarkets, banks etc.)

The possibility of infection is higher if these measures were not taken, therefore we must remember that we are helping the cause by listening to the advisories and staying at home. Avoid going out unnecessarily and ensure that you have protective masks, gloves, hand sanitizer etc. when you do step out of the house.

Please remember that while you may not get sick, there is a high chance that you can still spread the virus to those with weaker immune systems, and we do not want to do that to those we care about.

So please from Team Albaloo, Stay Home – Stay Safe.

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