Big brands on Albaloo

Did you know that Albaloo is one of the fastest growing location based advertising platforms in the region. That is why we have so many brands varying in size that choose to be a part of the Albaloo family. If you have scrolled through out deals you might wonder how we manage to have such a variety of offers available to our loyal partners. The truth is that Albaloo holds up out end of the bargain and gets you the results you need to increase your visibility.

Albaloo shoppers are able to discover new products, services, deals, offers and promotions within their physical vicinity or online. So that might mean whether you have one store, or are outlets around the country Albaloo can make a difference to your bottom line by bringing your brand and products to the eyes of thousands of consumers on a daily basis.

With  Albaloo you have the ability grow your business to a leading brand in no time even if you are a hoe based brand right now. With our marketing channels you will have the ability to reach the same amount of consumers as the big brands that take advantage of our service every day.

For example, you may be aware of the following big brands having a presence on Albaloo:

Happy Fresh – Delivering fresh produce to your doorstep, Now the weekly grocery shopping can
be done from the convenience of your home. Happy Fresh through Albaoo has the ability to reach thousands of customers and give them amazing offers that would introduce their brand to untapped markets.

Zalora – Through Albaloo is able to provide amazing offers to customers on world renowned brands and increase their reach to many more customers.

Dorra Slimming – Is able to use Albaloo’s reach to introduce their products and services to thousands of people around the country who would be interested in what they have to offer.

Motherhood – Is able to expand their network and provide high quality products to the mothers and children of Malaysia.

Mayflower – Has been able to grow their reach to thousands more consumers and provide amazing curated holiday experiences.


You may also notice that all these brands are not selling the same products, in fact they vary from multiple FMCGs to Services to even Restaurants and that proves just how far reaching that the Albaloo Platform is.

If you have a small business and are ready to take the leap in to E-Commerce, why not take that leap with a trusted and proven name in the game. Take your time and scroll through the information at our Seller Center and Support sections of our website and make the decision that could take your brand to the next level, at a fraction of the cost. It just could be a life changing decision.

So there you have it, at Albaloo it not about how large your brand is, we welcome everyone in to the team to make sure we can grow your business for you. Soon enough, you too can be written about in an article of big brands using Albaloo!


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