Best ways to improve your cooking right now!

There’s nothing worse than spending your time, effort and energy slaving over the cook top only to have the meal you prepared turn out utterly uninspired and bland. While it can be simply annoying to some, to others it may be discouraging and turn them off taking risks in their cooking.
Cooking doesn’t have to be dull and bland – it can be fun and inspiring and for some even relaxing. But you only feel good about cooking when it turns out great – if it doesn’t, well for starters it’s definitely going to ruin your mood.

Albaloo is all about helping you make your life easier and this time we are giving you some tips to improve your next cooking experience.
1) Don’t be afraid of salt
Properly seasoning your food can be the simplest way of improving the taste of the meal. Sometimes we may feel like not adding to much salt in case it ruins the flavor, but that can only happen if you go way overboard.

2) Don’t be rigid with the recipe
Trust your own taste and add ingredient as you see fit. Chances are if you like how it tastes, so will everyone else.

3) Tools matter
Make sure your tools are up to scratch. No this does not mean you invest a heap of cash on expensive knives just make sure the knife your using is sharp and your chopping board is cleaned each time you cut something so that the flavors do not mix between dishes. No one likes a garlic flavored dessert.

4) Ingredients do make a difference
You don’t have to be picky about much when cooking but if there is one thing, it’s your ingredients. Try your best to get fresh ingredients for your meal. You can log on to Albaloo to find some great deal from Supermarkets to farm fresh ingredients for your next big cook up.

5) Be organized
Mise en place – everything in its place. Organizing your ingredients and your workflow before you start cooking will help you to not get to cluttered and frazzled while cooking. Especially when cooking multiple dishes at once – you need to have a clear game plan as to what goes where when.

6) Overcrowding
Don’t overcrowd the pan you are using. For food to cook well you need to give it some space. This means that when in there pan there should be some breathing space so that the heat can distribute evenly.

7) Does it look good
Cook with your eyes – the dish you are making must look good enough to eat to you first, before it looks good to anyone else. Many of us are very visual when we are picking something to eat, just like choosing something off a menu. We decide if its appetizing by what we see.

So there you go, a few tips to help you along when you are making your next big meal at home. Don’t forget, for the great deals on the freshest ingredients and the best cooking equipment, log on to and get some great savings all year round.
Happy cooking!

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