Halloween Activities for the Kids

Halloween has always been a fun time for kids. For kids that are old enough you can easily get them in on all the fun by including them on some arts and crafts and even some simple cooking ideas.

Here are some great activities Albaloo thinks would be great to do with your kids this Halloween:

1) Pumpkin Decorating and Carving Ideas for Kids.
This is an activity the kids will love because it will be all over their favorite TV shows as well. Depending on how old your kids are you may or may not want to do the carving for them but this is a fun way to introduce them to the scary faces and the décor that you can create out of a nice big pumpkin.

2) Spider Arts and Crafts Ideas.
Now here is some simple an easy crafts for the little ones that will take something scary like a huge furry spider and make it cute and playful. All you would need to do here is add the colorful pipe cleaners to add a bit of bright color and the secret weapon to make anything cute at halloween… Googly Eyes!

3) DIY Halloween Decorations.
Here is where you and the kids can really let your creativity roam free. Again depending on their age is how scary you want to take this activity, but for the young ones you can take this opportunity to make some simple things like spiders, bats, ghosts and slime seem like fun rather than something to scream and cry about.

4) Pumpkin Recipes (cookies, waffles, bread, muffins made from pumpkin)
While you are already carving all those pumpkins you may want to put all those pumpkin guts to good use and get creative in the kitchen. Sites like Pinterest  have a virtual smorgasbord of fun kid friendly recipes that you can grab off the internet and put in to action as a fun after school activity to keep them occupied.

Halloween can be full of scares, but if you have little kids you can take this opportunity to make things a little more cute and fun in order to introduce Halloween to them and get them excited about it before they graduate to the more intense Halloween activities.

So there you go, a few fun ways to get the kids involved in Halloween fun that won’t break the budget and will keep the occupied for hours.

Happy Halloween folks!

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