Why is Exercise Good for You?

Alright… so you realized you don’t fit in to those clothes you always wore or maybe you aren’t feeling as energetic to do the things you used to be able to do.

Somehow we write these things off to age, stress maybe even blame work/family responsibilities and lack of time. But we all know we should do this – we just struggle to find the motivation to do it regularly.

So to remind you, let’s look at some reasons as to why Albaloo thinks exercise is good for you.

I warn you there will be a couple of Duh! moments as you go down the list.

  • Reduces body fat
    Duh! moment number #1.
    So we all know this, and this is the main reason many of us do exercise. Yes… exercise reduces body fat. Maybe some of us need it more than others but as we grow older we should become a little more health conscious and try our best to maintain our body fat.

  • Keeps bones strong
    Something you may not have known is that exercise and keeping active keeps your bones strong. Resistance exercises such as lifting weights can help to strengthen bones. So for anyone who has the risk of weak bones due to osteoporosis or any other ailment, should consider including a good amount of resistance training in to their regime… or… once you start exercising.

  • Boosts your energy
    It may seem strange that killing yourself jogging or in the gym will give you more energy, but in fact it does. When you have put in a work-out you will not only realize you are awake at your desk more than usual, you will actually feel more alert and productive to take on usually mundane office tasks that usually make you want to walk out the door.

  • Builds muscle mass
    Duh! moment number #2.
    Apart from providing all the other benefits on this list, building muscle mass gives us two additional benefits.
    Helps you to improve and maintain your posture. You can save yourself from all the sore backs and shoulders by building your muscle mass – you will not only feel stronger you will also loose that unsightly hunch.
    It increases your metabolism and helps you to maintain your weight. Lack of activity usually makes our metabolism sluggish and slow which means we retain weight. By exercising and building muscle mass, we increase our metabolism and this helps us burn off the food we are taking in each day.
  • Brings about better sleep
    Exercise while keeping us alert and active during the day (when we need it most) ensures that we are getting a good night sleep as well.

    Regular exercise can strengthen circadian rhythms, encouraging daytime alertness and helping bring on sleepiness at night. Exercise has been shown to even improve sleep for people with sleep disorders, including insomnia and sleep apnea.

So what more reason do you need, get out there and start slow by taking a regular walk and build on it from there. It might be the change you need in your daily routine.

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