Jennifer Lawrence is turning herself into lightning rod in supercharged hot drug issue


Jennifer Lawrence recent hobnob with Woody Harrelson in SNL in a show hosted by him could lend her into a lightning rod, so hot to handle that she might cringe in regret because the host is a well-known activist in the current hot button issue of marijuana legalization for medical purposes in several states.

It wouldn’t had come at the most propitious moment where many lawmakers in DC are hotly debating this supercharged issue and was one of the defining factor in the congressional election ended recently, with many pro pot use proponents were singed by their constituents.

Woody Harrelson is not closeted about his drug use during his heydays in the 80s and was a poster boy for the trendy liberalism that constituted the core of the Hollywood establishment there. After all where Woody is residing? He is staying in that yoke of liberal trendy cluster in his own home state of California where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes.

Well Jennifer Lawrence is part of that trend or would conveniently said ‘tribe’, trying to catch the wave of that trend and conforming to that norm of that tribe in showbiz where liberal, trendy and funny feel is part of everything. Better watch out, Jenny, those conservative headhunters are after her neck. They could turn her into the lightning rod for the hot acrimonious debate going on in DC and every state Capitols. Her showbiz popularity as an actress and her recent film The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part one could help them to propel their anti-drug campaign by harping on her link to Harrelson but at the same time her rating could also be notched up several rungs because of so much public sensation generated.  On the other divide, those liberals in DC could turn her into a poster girl for their crusade to use marijuana for legal purposes.

In any veins it may flows, Jennifer is going to have more paparazzi visiting her front doors out of such hot publicity generated. She spoke of her fears of paparazzi due to the high profile she elicited as an actress as reported in Huffington Post (11/16/14) and her evasion of all forms of social networking as invasion of privacy. Her hobnobbing with that Harrelson would not help at all but likewise could assist in enhancing her rating in the viewing public.

She has to reckon with the fact that stardom come with a price, the price that you can hardly hide your privacy as a de facto public figure but choosing the right forum to hobnob with is also a wise choice or which tribe with their separate agendas to ingratiate with is also a wise decision to make.

Whatever tribe she headlong into, one thing is certain is that she is going to receive higher profile, rating and review that would help in every direction to improve her acting career.

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