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Post Ads in Albaloo!

It is fast and easy way to post ads in Albaloo, plus it is all FREE! Come Sign Up and Post Ads at .

How To Sign Up 

1. Log on to, you may sign up with your Facebook or Google+ or email address.

Main Page

Sign Up with Facebook / Google+ / Email
2. If you sign up using you email address, please check your email to activate your account.
3. Click on Post Ads and select the type of account.

Post Ads
Private sellers are meant for the users without registered business who wants to post ads for selling items privately.

Merchant are meant for the users who are the business owner or representative of a registered business and would like to post ads on the business.

Private Seller or Merchant

4. If you would like to sign up as a merchant, kindly send us an email to for more information.

5. For private seller, please key-in your mobile phone number to obtain the verification code from us. 

6. Upon receiving the SMS from us, you may insert the verification code.

7. You are ready to post ads!

How To Post Ads as Private Seller

  1. Please ensure your account is upgraded to private seller account.
  2. Click on the post ads.
  3. Title – write an advertisement title that is easy to read and remember; and describe your products or services accordingly. You may insert the keywords of your products or services to the target buyers.
  4. Category – Select the category of your products or services.
  5. Description – The information of your products or services. Examples: information of the products or services, size, postage or COD, warranty, condition of your product and more.
  6. Address – Address is based on the area you would like to target. You will need to insert the road or city so that Google map is able to detect the location. To add more address just click on add more.
  7. You may upload few good quality pictures to attract buyers.

Post Ads 1


  1. Contact Number – Insert your contact number for buyers to contact you.
  2. Discount (%) – How much discount you are offering? (you may also leave this column empty).
  3. Price – The price of your product.
  4. Type – Is the product new or used?
  5. Brand – What is the brand of your product?
  6. Luxury – Is your product luxury?
  7. Email – Insert your email address for buyers to contact you.
  8. Website – Do you have a website? If yes, kindly advise the URL link.
  9. Publish Date – When do you want to publish your ads?
  10. Expire Date – When is your deal expires? It will be removed automatically according to the due date.
  11. Click on Preview to check and view your ads before publish it.
  12. To revise the details, click Edit to return back to the form.
  13. If it is ok to go, click on Publish.
  14. Now, you may wait for the potential customers to contact you!

Post Ads 2

You may download our apps from Google Play or App Store to check out your deal. Don’t forget to share your ads on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social network to attract more buyers.

Albaloo wish you a good luck and all the best in your deal.