Miranda Kerr’s Shopping, Sales, Fashion Quotes

ONG KONG – DECEMBER 12: Miranda Kerr attends the Samantha Thavasa 20th Anniversary event at Harbour City Samantha Thavasa Store on December 12, 2014 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney, Australia, and brought up in Gunnedah, New South Wales. She participated in the modeling competition during 1997 with Dolly magazine and won the contest. She has started her career as a model since then. Miranda is one of the most in-demand models and became the true star after named as the first Australian Victoria’s Secret angel. Despite of being a fabulous model, she is also a very successful an entrepreneur for her own product, Kora Organics. Miranda Kerr is always confident and looking absolutely lovely plus stunning. She classified herself as classic, chic and comfortable type. Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn’s and her grandmother. Both of them have been influenced her in getting stylish as she grew up and played with her Nan’s wardrobe. Here are Miranda’s favourite quotes on shopping, sales and fashion.

1. She loves all-white outfits
“White is really fresh, it depends on where you’re going—you don’t want to be wearing white all day around New York City—but I love like a little white jean.”
White creates elements of pure, innocent and the colour of perfection. This beautiful angel knows how to mix, match her outfit with all-white colour which brings to move into the new directions of her life. As Miranda has started to move on with her son, Flynn after her separation with Orlando Bloom, she seems optimist in embracing her new life.

2. Comfy with oversized coats
“I like an oversized coat; I think it’s cool. I really like to do a stocking with an ankle boot, an oversized coat, and a little skirt or a short.”
Miranda Kerr is among the most high profile figure ever in the modeling industry. It is undeniable that this Victoria’s Secret model knows how to turn herself into blooming flowers that could attract people’s attention whenever she makes her appearance. By putting an oversized coat on her body, it has absolutely made herself look taller and thinner than usual with the perfect figure. She has swag.

3. She is into big Sunglasses
“I always carry at least two pairs of sunglasses in my bag. I like big glasses because I have quite a round face, so I need something in proportion to my face.”
She has a perfect shape of face accompanied with deep dimples on both of her cheeks; it is a brilliant idea of putting an oversized sunglass which creates amusing feeling. Concealing her eyes with a an oversized set of shades, the beauty model loves to mixed it with different colours of sunglasses that suits her outfits very well.

4. Casual looks with high-waisted jeans
“They’re straight leg and high-waisted, and I love the waistband. They’re really comfortable, but they also have a finished look to them.”
Perfect! The high-waisted jean makes her looks stunning as usual. She has a good sense of style that cannot stop people from staring at her charming looks. This outfit is suitable for casual activities. She loves denim and looks outrageously blooming in that outfit. She always looks elegant in front of the camera, so this is the time for supermom being casual, especially when she spends quality time with her beloved son- Flynn.

5. Kitten Heels’ lover

“I feel like a kitten heel is even sexier than a higher heel. They remind me a little bit of Marilyn Monroe.”

Kitten heel is looking gorgeous on her feet. Loves to put kitten heel, the 32 years old lady appeared to be in relaxed spirits as the heels are normally between 1 to 2 inches in high. She is quite tall for a woman, and this type of shoes really suits her image. She is able to walk confidently with that kind of shoes. In the meantime, she also wears other type of shoes for different occasions; “I love dressing up and being a woman and wearing heels, but if I’m going to the park then I want to feel comfortable, but also stylish at the same time”.

6. Balanced Proportions
“I like the proportions of things, and accentuating your best assets. Like if you have a little waist, wear something high waisted, or if it’s your legs, then wear a pant that really shows that off. It’s about dressing for your body. She was suggesting a way to balance our proportions if in case we want to look perfect in choosing suitable outfits. That is what she likes to do most of the time. It is very useful tips because you can draw people’s attention to the other “eye-catching” part. Not only balancing in outfits, but she once said that her goal is to be balanced, thoughtful, and heart-centered because when she’s like that, her life flows.
7. Online shopping
“Because, I’m never in one-spot for too long, I shop a lot on Net-a-Porter”
As a supermodel, savvy businesswoman as well as social media sensation, she is incredibly busy with her schedule. Thus, she is not able to spend much time mingling around in the shopping stores. She would rather search for information and buy from website and therefore she prefers to shop at Net-a-Porter, a high-fashion retailer that operates via a website designed in the style of the magazine. From there, she can search for her favourite outfit available in this store. Online shopping can save time rather than outdoor shopping; well it depends on your preferences. She is also searching for information about the fashion through social media like instagram. She once said that she saw a picture of leather baseball cap on instagram and immediately makes a purchase decision. This shows how technology can influence her buying behavior.

8. Being comfortable
“The formula of success in fashion is it’s all about keeping things simple and feeling comfortable in what I am wearing. I prefer investing in classic well tailored pieces”.
She believes everything in moderation is the best. Her grandmother told her that there is not necessarily to have a lot of money to have style. It’s the way you put things together and how you carry yourself. She really appreciates different kinds of fabrics as long as it gives her comfy feelings. She keeps telling that she doesn’t invest that much to get into the style.
Cheap item doesn’t mean it is not comfortable enough. People will become less price sensitive if the price is matched with the quality.

9. Easy going
“I think fashion is a great way to express yourself in whatever mood you’re feeling that day”. When presenting herself in different outfits, we can see how she appreciates her life and looks optimist. She never failed to give the sweetest smile to the crowds.
“Stick to one dress code, don’t just follow trends because they’re trends, only wear what is works with your body types and skin tone. And invest in a few classic pieces that make you feel your best when you’re wearing them. I’ve the same black Dior blazer for 10 years, it comes with me everywhere”. She reminds us that even though she is an easy going person, but she is also a brand loyal type of consumer that used to stick to one brand if it could satisfy her needs. She is not too picky compared to other celebrities as long as the outfits could match her personality very well.

10. Health conscious
“Beauty starts from within, and I make a conscious effort after being a mother, I became more aware and passionate about wellness”. Despite of being busy with her schedule, Miranda never forgets to make herself sweat by practicing lunges, squat, yoga and meditation. Her routine is doing yoga for 10-15 minutes. She loves to consume healthy and organic food. She even shares her successful and motivational story through her own self-help book. In order to looks healthy and fit, she prefers to create her own healthy food. She had “Miranda mix” drink that contains of green healthy smoothie. Allocate your time to visit her organic beauty product website and grab what is suitable for you. I bet you will never regret.

With her beauty and girl-next-door charm, Miranda cannot stop people from admiring her. She is among the richest model yet still represents herself as down-to-earth person. I hope we can get inspired by her famous and lovely quotes. Remember, “You have to do your best, and to do your best, you have to take care of yourself”

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